A new political party emerging?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BIPOLAR77, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. Welcome to Facebook

    Was interested to note that several ex service personnel have decided to raise their own political party, for interest the link is above.
  2. Have they got a webpage? Facebook is so........well to put it bluntly...shit.
  3. Veteran's ID card. Can demands for the NDM be far off?
  4. I suspect that their policies may be somewhat lacking in mass appeal.
  5. They don't have a page as yet, received a msg from them on fb.

    They did however ask why? I replied that not everyone uses fb, so maybe they will instigate one?
  6. Cool.

    I am surprised they asked why. If they want to be taken as a serious party, they don't really want to be relying on social media websites. At the end of the day facebook is aimed at premaddona kids and if any company/party is going to think that they will be seen as a legitimate entity using it, they will be in for a surprise. I certainly wouldn't vote for a party that thought facebook is their best way to get their message out there and I know many would think similar.
  7. To be fair they only started last Monday.

    Would be interesting to see their take on army 2020 though, one to watch for the future?
  8. Get a life.
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  9. And for those of us who don't "do" Facebook?
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  10. Let me guess, send the muslamic nignogs back to where they came from, free lollies and beers for all service/ex servicemen heroes.

    Much more respect including being allowed to jump the queue in Sainsburys and more medals for everyone
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  11. You should. My choice in music is excellent this morning.
  12. This. Getting outraged in the local paper because some Ned failed to respect the fact that he was the bedding storeman in Fally.
  13. They're going to give hard-right, opportunistic grassroots demagoguery a bad name unless they sharpen their media act up a bit.
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  14. Free lollies, where do I sign up?
  15. Keep living the pipe dream!