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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OSACIN, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Come the next General election I intend to campaign my own party and stand against Blair and the rest of them - not decided on a party name yet but part of the manifesto will be;-

    Hanging for murderers and paedophiles will be mandatory
    Amputation of fingers for thieves
    public floggings and birchings for chavs and other undesirables

    I also propose to make asbo's more effective - i believe that judges should tell people that on the first occasion they are arrested for breach of conditions its six months inside and the asbo stops, second offence its 12 months and the asbo stops and every offence after that its 5 yrs and the asbo stops.

    however, i will need other policies for the manifestos and that, dear arrsers, is where im appealing to the multitudeds out ther to assist me.
  2. Add to that:

    All immigrants must serve at least 2 years in the forces, upon completion they will be given British citizenship.

    Scrap road tax and lump it on the cost of fuel, that way everyone pays, theres no dodging it and people who use the road more pay more tax for using it, works for me.
  3. More pay for the boys!!

  4. The fems won't like that tb.
  5. I reckon a kangaroo court type affair, consisting of just a couple of NCOs and the Rass Man would be far more effective than the current judicial system.
    Dunno why but they always seem to be getting me at work :roll:

    Also we should abolish this "common sense and how to use things properly" campaign. If people are stupid enough to hurt themselves doing things they shouldn't, then it's their own fcuking fault. Maybe that would get rid of all the "Claims-R-Us" and the rest of the ambulance chasing t0ssers.
  6. Split prison sentences into punishment and rehabilitation. The criminal serves the full punishment sentence, then undertakes a period of imprisoned rehabilitation. If not fully rehabilitated by the end of this period, the rehabilitation period starts again from Day 1.

    Replace single prison beds with bunks, thereby doubling the capacity of prisons. If this is not enough, introduce hot-bedding to give a six-fold increase in prison capacity.

    No voting rights for 1st and 2nd generation immigrants. Citizenship (and right of abode) of immigrants to be revoked immediately if criminal activity proven "beyond reasonable doubt."

    Legal Aid only available to those who have paid into the system.

    Genuine asylum seekers to be interned, fed, watered, clothed but given no benefits or rights. To work for their keep (e.g. ditch clearing, litter picking etc). Never to be given UK citizenship and to be returned to their home country when the threat to life is over. If genuine, they will be thankful that they have sanctuary. Trouble makers to be returned to the custody of the security forces of their home country.

    Asylum seekers will not be considered genuine unless their journey can be proven to have been directly from their home country to UK without passing through other countries. Non-UK registered ships and aircraft to be considered as "other countries." Should cut down on 99.999% of them and allow decisions to deport them to be made at the point of entry.

    Maximum wage to be applied - £250k pa with 75% tax for wages over £100k. Footballers to be required to have a proper job.

    Free medical and dental treatment (including prescriptions) for those that pay INTO the system.

    Rename "Snickers" "Marathon." Rename "Cif" "Jif."

    Recycle all items bearing the French Connection UK logo into tampons or bog roll. (It's a pet hate).

    Declare English Law superior to European Law.

    Scrap all discrimination laws. Only by doing this can there be no discrimination.

    Declare English to be the only lawful language to be used in Britain. Other indiginous languages may be used on an informal basis. Sack all of the translators currently employed by councils as there would then be no need for them.

    Compulsory military service, 2 years full-time or 5 years part-time, NO EXEMPTIONS.

    Police and firemen to stop inferring that they are not civilians.

    Return of the rum ration.

    I could go on, as I've considered standing in every constituency in the next General Election in order to force a dictatorship but am a bit short of the readies for the deposits.
  7. Easy fella - I can agree with the rest of the manifesto in principle but not this one 8O

    I'll stick with paying my 7% for the moment thankyou very much :D

  8. People injured in service (Armed forces) of their country not to be given a War Disability Pension, but to be paid the same rate as a serving soldier, which increments at the average time it take a soldier to get promoted, eventually you would recieve the same rate as a WO :)

  9. All schools back to the 3 R's, desks in rows, school uniforms, no religious adornments of any kind and all lessons in English. Mod deleted general racist comments.
  10. Oh I'll put my tuppence in! :wink:

    Free education for as long as you want it to Degree level. Education after that is on merit/research basis only. If you fail a year of school/college/uni you have to reinburse the state with the tutition fees for that year.

    Children will not pass out of infant school to secondary school and so on without reaching basic standards of English and maths.

    English is the native language in the country and should be used as such (applicible to Chavs :twisted: as well as foreign immigrants!)

    State benefits should only be available as a temporary course of action for people who fall on hard times. Unemployment benefit should cease to exist. If an individual has been unemployed for over a year then it is complusory to join the Armed Forces.

    A level playing field should be created in regards to taxes. It's unfair that the more you earn the more you get taxed. I for one worked bl00dy hard for my money and hate seeing a third of it taken away. :x :x Maybe increase VAT so that non-essentials are more expensive to make up the revenue for the government. Either way I'd want an across the board tax rate of 15%.

    Make a law stating that whenever a company 'invents' a new and improved version of its product they have to remove the old product from the market. It always narks me when I see 'new and improved' or 'best ever' label on a product - well if that's the case remove all the old and unimproved ones since they're not as good!!

    Putteesinmyhands was quite spot on with the rest as far as I can see! :D

    Oh.....and allow fox hunting again :wink: (I'm 'braced' and ready for the incoming on THAT one! :lol: )
  11. Crimes against old people and cruelty to animals to be punishable by hanging.

    Dropping litter to be punishable by hanging.

    Wearing 'sports' apparel and gold simultaneously to be punishable by hanging.

    Buying anything or watching anything with the word 'Celebrity' in the title punishable by hanging.

    Being George Galloway to be punishable by hanging.

    Disagreeing with hanging to be punishable by hanging.

  12. I thought Lairdx had a good plan
  13. puteesinmyhands, some of your ideas have smack of common sense about them, but I'd be very interested to hear whether you'd classify my grandfather as a 1st generation immigrant, he left Ireland in 1916 so the Republic certainly considered him to be one of their citizens after the fact.

    It'd be a shame to think that under your sensible policies for a happier Britain he wouldn't have had the right to vote, despite his 21 years regular service. That included 7 years war service, during which he even managed to get himself wounded (he was still having surgery to remove shell splinters in 1967 so the boxheads did a good job of it)

    Nor for that matter would any of his 2nd generation immigrant sons, not the Doctor of History who became Chief examiner of one of the UK's exam boards, nor the one whose company supplied the UK's defence industry, or even the one who worked and paid INTO the system from the age of 14 to 65, and all of whom completed 2 years compulsory military service.

    It almost gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to think that I would be the first generation of my family deemed worthy of voting under your illustrious scheme........ almost, but not quite.

    Instead of talking in broad and bland terms about 'immigrants' which is the type of windy and hollow language used by the current generation of Westminster based t*ssers we all hate, how about actually spelling it out. Immigrants from failed, failing or dysfunctional states where crime is endemic, immigrants with no viable skill set and so on.
    You can't avoid discrimination in some form, it has to exist for societies to function, so make it targeted where it will have the most beneficial effect.

    Oh, and I propose that state benefits are no longer called benefits, makes them sound like a good thing
  14. ... ummmmm up the 1st and 2nd generation immigrant thing has me a bit worried.

    My Mum is from the far East - never took a British Passport as she didn't want to be a 'guilo', and she's not rare either as the vast majority of Oriental women didn't marry Brit soliders for their passports She was an army wife for 10 years and have lived either on the patch or in Britain (including NI) for over 30 years - has had loads of jobs, usually in the NAAFI and has paid her fair share of taxes. My Dad's Mum hails from Eire, but worked all her adult life and also has paid her share of tax - so what would that make me then? According to what has been proposed am I eligible to vote? Even though I've paid my taxes and contributed, am I allowed to consider myself British? Is it enough to put on a uniform myself to be allowed into your gang? If you are going to have the attitude of 'Britain for the British' and kick out (or exclude the rights of) every single immigrant your going to end up with solitary clusters of ginger people wondering what their going to have for their tea now that all the pizza shops, kebab houses, Indian and Chinese take-aways have shut.

    I can understand that there is a very large amount of PC'ness that spoils it for you indigenous types and I can appreciate that you feel your Country is being used and stolen from you bit, by bit... but immigrants do contribute a great deal to Britain. Wasn't the last VC awarded to someone from Grenada?

    <... as she climbs down from her high horse...>
  15. Chavs must pass some sort of selection process in order to have children. Interview, followed by scrutiny of ability to support this child, and motivation of having a child "to get a council house" is not a valid reason.
    Failure results in sterilisation.
    If the chavs have more than 2 kids to different mothers - sterilisation.
    If the child is weaned on Greggs Sausage rolls - sterilisation.
    If the father is a general rat-boy - sterilisation.

    Children are confiscated and are attested into the army to fill manpower holes, give it 15 years and it'll be up to strength.

    Oh and on immigration, take a leaf out of the aussies book, no skills, no entry.