A new Petition needed to be signed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wasanig, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. Ken Livingstone is apparently planning to use tax payer's money to build anenormous mosquecosting an estimated £100M in the docklands. Wouldn't it be better to spend the money on a new hospital or improvedtransport facilities. anything but such a scheme as this: The mosque will be BIGGER THAN ST PAUL'S!!! The plan is for the mosque to be so big so that people flying in from allover the world for the 2012 Olympics will see it as the biggest landmark inLondon , bigger than St Pauls, Westminster Abbey orWembley Stadium. The vote so far is 56% in favour. It looks like the Muslim community in theUK is casting its vote in droves, and as usual the British are burying theirheads in the sand.... It is an undemocratic use of British Tax payers money, especially when ourChurches that are 100's of years old get no government funding to keep theirstructures standing, and we are supposedly a Christian nation. To vote to 'Scrap the 'Mega-Mosque' please sign the official Governmentpetition in the link below.

  2. This subject has been raised before on another thread - the petition is only open until 18 July, however the govt has already responded
    The petition author also shot herself in the foot by using the words "We the Christian population of this great country England "
    ... so all signatories from Wales, norn Iron Scotlan, IOM can be filtered out by postcode
  3. I'll f*ck the next person to start this bloody topic again.
  4. Hear hear,and how about a petition to ban any more petitions being petitioned!!! :x :x
  5. And I will finish the cnut off with a shovel. 8O