A new Paddy Ashdown.


I have just watched a News 24 item about 59 Independent in Pakistan. It makes me think of a thought that was brought to mind while I was outside Buckingham Palace, and this news items confirms that thought. I think the CO will make a fine new 'Paddy Ashdown'. Well done Sid, good work, and well deserved.


Walter Mitty.
Is this one of those threads where you have to guess what it is about? Is there a link to the News story? What has this fellow done that makes you think he wioll be the new Paddy?

It was a piece featuring a very capable young officer wise beyond his years. I presume the Ashdown reference , is one day we will see this man in a position to influence and guide the re-building of shattered lands.

Just as long as he isn't hamstrung by the EU/Nato of course...... There should be a link to the video on News24 somewhere, I'll take a shufti.
Thanks for that PTP. For a moment there I thought that perhaps he had been caught with his pants down.

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