A new oil policy.


This new orientation is going to apparently gain more momentum; the new oil minister Hussein al-Shahristani said in a press conference that it is very likely for British oil companies to win big contracts in Iraq and said that there are many oil companies that are willing to bring capital and new technology to Iraq's oil sector and "our policy for signing contracts with such companies will be based on securing bigger revenues for the Iraqi people

I think these are encouragingly positive statements and they indicate that democracy is working in the right way, slowly though. But apparently the competition among politicians to prove competence and win trust in addition to the lessons learned from the previous stage is pushing the new leaders to pick a new course with less emotional speech-making and more pragmatic thinking.
Officials now realize that they did not inherit their seats from their fathers and that there are other people waiting for them to make the slightest mistake to expose them and discredit them.

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