A new if unlikely Hero

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. George Galloway MP:

  3. Succint at least.....eloquent not :wink:
  4. I tell it as I see it,a poor thing yet mine own
  5. I saw it, and as much as I hate to admit it , GG was very good.

    Excellent commentary on the Shaivo case, and an astute observation on Flight, as well as the slap he gave Bodge.

    Lembit was very good too - "Now you're really making me angry" as the Tory stooge tried to tell breathtaking whoppers on Primetime TV.

    But when George invited Hodge to shut her neck before he reached for his libel lawyers (She misquoted him, and then dug a bigger hole for herself) , and when the Torygraph girl piped up , he gave her a quick left-right too , and I was in stitches.

    Inviting Howard Flight to join Respect had me chortling, and Hodge was forced to shut up , because she could see George itching to get some Labour Party dirty washing out.

    Unfortunately , Dimbleby was wise to it and moved it on quickly :(

    It was a classic QT , and more than made up for that abortion in Belfast.
  6. George Galloway should be weighted down with lead and stuff and then tipped over the side of a trawler of the Minches.

    He once tried, in a very drunken state, to get arsey with me in Westminster tube. He bounced twice going down the up escalator. I of course was stone cold sober...and so were my three lying friends.
  7. Deserved I am sure :D That said, on this particular evening he ran circles round Hodge the Bodge or as some of us who remember her from her council days 'Cardinal Hodge'.