A new "golden dawn" for Europe?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Steven, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. Socialists taking on gypos? Thats a surprise. Interesting that France and Greece dont bend over backwards for the European Court of Human Rights and we do!
  2. the french are right........
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  3. So unlike those earlier Socialists in Germany 80 years ago, who did their own little best effort
  4. France has previous form for this sort of thing…


  5. Even the Eyeties have been doing it the last few years, if you go to Ventemillia you used to see loads of them trying to sell their "wares" now you don't see them, or if you do there are only a couple left and they get harrassed by the Police all the time.
  6. Down south the local sunglasses wearing Signori get their chaps to cull a few from time to time to encourage them to bugger off, seems to work.
    Yes, noticed a definite fall in gyppo numbers in northern Italy too over the last couple of years after the recent 'robust' behaviour of the Carabinieri.
  7. Mainland Europe is big time racist if you go and speak to people out there, everything from casual racism to full on abusive. This kind of thing is no surprise at all.
  8. The French are probably just shoving them on ferries to Dover!
  9. Glad to see that your are no sitting on the fence there Screw!
  10. Hell yes. Why not give them an EU grant so the Roma can preserve their cultural heritage, like, mugging, pick pocketing, drugs, and inbreeding. Obviously we need to recognise their contribution to society.

  11. I am just surprised the lefty socialists are carrying on with a bill passed by Sarkozy. We'd never see this sort of thing here. The Goverment is too soft.

    For lefties who protest, sure how about they lease a room out for free, put a gypo family in and provide free clothing, meals and clean their mess. I'm sure they'd stop their protesting soon enough.
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  12. Why are people always on the extremes on this? Left or right, there is a middle you know...
  13. Yes but you don't see whole council estates in Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow being evicted.
  14. Well if they are illegally here, or are not contributing to the country, then boot them out.
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