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How do all, just signed up here and so far all useful stuff. Thought I'd say a quick hi and introduce myself, I'm from Lancs and have been going through this process since January! Its been long and draining, but my main struggle was the medication, I had to visit my GP twice to get letters from him. I had mild asthma as a child and it seems to have cleared up as an adult. I was super active as a child and then i think i got a bit scared about doing sports since i was diagnosed with asthma, that led me to being in my opinion, quite unfit, so now I'm starting from scratch and preparing for this 1.5 mile run which is so far killing my legs but hey ho i'll get used to it i'm sure. I'm now medically clear to continue and hoping to join the intelligence corps, already had my interview at my nearest unit and now through to selection for next month. I am, however, holding off the weekend assessment for a Lil longer as I'm not quite ready yet, I'm determined to make this run! Is there anyone else here based in Lancashire in the IC?

Ok, that's long enough, I'll be yapping forever :D



I will lock this now to prevent it deteriorating. It saves me having to tidy it later, and it saves me the effort of dishing ROPs out to the idiots who can't tell the difference between the NAAFI and the recruiting boards.

Please feel free to join in the other recruiting threads which are already up and running. Also, ADSC and the recruiting process is in broad terms common for regular and reserve so look at the regular boards for threads on ADSC, 2.4Km run timings etc.
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