A New Flag?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Flagrantviolator, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. Ran into a guy in Ottawa today who was flying this (alone, I should add) outside the Convention Centre. He asked me to take a pic with his cell as "If I freeze to death, I want it for posterity..hahaha" It was -28 C without the windchill, so fair enough. I took the pic and told him that if he did freeze, at least they would have something to drape his coffin with.

    I talked to him for a bit (as I often do with loons), and he made a pretty good argument. The blue, representing Francophone Canada, takes up 25% of the space of the borders,, which is directly proportional to franco representation in our Nation, and the other 75% is British red . I think if it ever DID pass, that we should demand that a law requiring Quebec to become bilingual, be porkbarreled into the Bill.
    So what do you think, fair play, or a servile sop to separatist cockheads?

  2. The plastic frogs have been trying to flog this rag since the first maple leaf designs.
    I would have to disagree with the statement made in the link that it is "the same symbolism as the Union Jack". The Union Flag is made from national flags which comprise the union, it does not represent what languages they might speak or any countries from the other side of the world which they may have a nostalgic affinity for (although conversely, many commonwealth countries' flags do - they include the Union Flag). I think if we started that, we would have to make room for a crescent and some green.

    With any luck though, the separatist prick slowly froze to death, humming La Marseillaise as he voided his bowels for the last time before being shipped home to France where came from. Wait a minute.....
  3. French canuks are as ignorant and arrogant as yank politicians...so as far as I am concerned they can **** their flag and I hope it burns. Not that my opinion matters of course.
  4. None of our business.
  5. The Québécois always struck me as being a bit like the Scottish.

    Annoying when it came to any talk of sovereignty.
  6. Why blue? I thought the French national colour was white - at least it was in 1759 - in which case they're already on the flag.
  7. I say give them their new flag but only if they give up speaking bloody French.
  8. Agreed. But they've generally given up the ghost on that one, of late. I would say that any self-respecting separatiste would go ******* ballistic if anyone suggested Quebec share anything more with Canada than a currency, let alone a flag. This guy was more a a handwringing lefty panderer.

    What gets me is that ,while discussing it with him (in both languages, just to shut him up), he kept referring to it as the "Duality flag", when all his mumble was about "unity". Then why not the "Unity flag"?
  9. Surprised the Froglets didn't try and replace a whole red section on the "new flag" with blue. That way it would have been the complete Tri-colour, with Maple leaf accessory.

    Bloody Quebecies, hate us anyway, especially those "Van dooze" bad boy lumberjack types.
  10. Voir ici. De la meme web-rag, la.
  11. [​IMG]

    I think this one's being pushed from BC. Instead of our motto being "Ad Mare Usque ad Mare", it'll be "A friend with weed is a friend indeed".
  12. Should be "Hey maaaahhn, you gonna eat that?" Speaking of "grating accents"...
  13. The Dude differs.

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  14. Given my druthers, I'd druther see this one flying again.
    I was born under it, and I have given instructions that I am to be buried under it.
    Yeah, I know I'm a dinosaur, and proud of it.
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  15. The Scots can however make the argument that they were at one time a sovereign nation, something that Quebec can not do.
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