A New Entente Cordial or Prelude to a EU Federal Armed Forces?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mobius8428, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. The Government announcement today of a new military understanding between the UK & France will mean HM Forces being commanded by the French on certain Operations and Exercises plus, the sharing of Military hardware and equipment. Is this a good thing or, is this a step towards a EU Federal Armed Forces?
  2. European Union Federal Armed Forces.

    Next question please.
  3. The last 'Entente Cordiale' worked well.
  4. How thick can one be ? this is NOT, repeat NOT an EU agreement. It is a treaty signed between the only two nuclear capable nations in Europe that have both realized that an EU defense is currently and for the forseeable future a non-starter and that by getting together money will be saved and some capabilities preserved. It is a treaty born of necessity, nothing more.

    Do you really think the French armed forces are delighted at the prospect of having to operate with Les Rosbifs ? There is no love lost in France too but there is also the realization that HM's forces are the only one in the EU, with France, still capable of expeditionary operations. So there is just no other choice.

    Linking this treaty to EU is just a way for the Europhobes to try undermine it.
  5. IVV (our resident black shorted little englander) will be along shorty claiming just that
  6. This current agreement may well be outside the framework of the EU. That does not mean that it cannot be used as a step towards the goal of an EU army.

    Phase one make an agreement to share.

    Phase two ensure you cannot actually do anything worthwhile unless you share.

    Phase three expand same to other capabilities and areas.

    Phase four realize that you are now so intertwined that the entire military forces of EU cannot do anything unless within an overall EU framework.

    Phase five provide better C3I function by producing actual EU army.
  7. You forgot Phase 6 build a conspiration theory
  8. Looks like a good plan, and frankly I'm with Fantassin here, and rather hoping that some good leaders get thrown at the challenge and make it work. Being a French speaker will clearly be a positive advantage at AOSB.
  9. English has been part of the syllabus of every officer and NCO school of the French armed forces for the past 15 years or so...the challenge is still there but it's not going to be so great it can't be faced.
  10. Will the famas cycle with British ammo though (and vice versa the SA80?)
  11. Phase 7. "Well you've come this far, we might as well go the whole hog." The famed Europhile argument. We'll see, but I shall not be at all surprised if this leads to a designated EUFOR.
  12. The thing is, it doesn't really surprise me. A certain A.Hitler Esq must be looking up from his cell in the deepest pits of Hell and pissing himself laughing. Yeah, I know, I fell into the Godwin's Law trap. Deliberately. So there.

    What worries me most in the short to medium term is will our Armed Forces, in order to harmonize effectively with their new French comrades-in-arms, have to lower themselves down to their standards? After all, for the last ninety years or so, the best fighting men and women in French uniform were foreigners, as the French stomach for fighting in their own wars has been lacking somewhat.

  13. Odd that any criticism of the Federated Soviet States of United Europe - EU for short, is always met with rabid rudeness.

    As the EU is indefensible in every aspect of its unfortunate existence, I suppose rabid ranting rudeness is only to be expected.

    Those supporting the EU must have an 'agenda', because no rhyme or reason could lead to the defence of such an ill-assorted, wholly corrupt, vastly expensive, undemocratic 'organisation'.

    The only relieving factor in this saga of deceit, lies and dissembling, is that the EU will implode under the pressure of its own corruption and dishonesty and in the knowledge that it is loathed by all who appreciate freedom and honesty in public life.

    Returning to the thread title, there can be no doubt whatsoever that this astonishing political attention grabbing nonsense, presages the formation of EU Armed Forces.

    When this happens, if the EU has not destroyed itself by greed and stupidity by then, the words of Enoch Powell spoken a private dinner party in 1981, will become far less astonishing and far more realistic than when they were spoken. The great intellectual said, in answer to the question: 'Who will be the major opponents in the next global conflict?': 'The opponents will be America and the United States of Europe'.

    I pray the dreadful EU will have collapsed before we face the wrath of America due to French 'pride', German 'aggression' and British 'stupidity'.
  14. What, like the designated EUFOR I was a member of in 2005?
  15. Er, up until this point this thread has rather lacked rabid rudeness - I'm certainly struggling to spot much. Instead it has been a rather spirited and interesting debate of the relative merits of a joint capability with the French.

    But then implying rudeness is a device that you and IVV both use to stir up then blandify a thread with tired and generic anti EU arguments, isn't it?

    Seeing as it is evident that you haven't read the thread and have just turned up to crayon it, I hope you don't mind if I up the rudeness and ask you to poke off, there's a good fellow?