A new CCF


I am looking to start up a new CCF. Does anyone have and advice, documentation or people to speak to regarding this?

Its all in JSP313,if you have access to Westminster its on there,otherwise ask a CCF for lend of it to copy.Tells you everything about it.
Walting, I think that you may have difficulty doing that at the moment during the current financial climate. I know that funding for all the new CCFs has been shelved and that the government needs to find alternate cash for it. The ACF opening dets at schools has also been shelved bar a few high profile ones (2 in manchester for example).

JSP 313 is indeed the place to look, fingers crossed the money goes back in the pot for it. Good luck to you.
Lillian Bayliss school in Lambeth was advertising a few weeks ago for a CCF leader. Might be worth getting on to them to see if they have any useful lessons in setting up in the current climate.
Your local Reserve Forces and Cadets Association would probably be a good start.
walting, are you leaving your place? I thought you were in the CCF already?
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