A New Breed...

Did anyone watch aliens tonight, what a bunch of cluster fcuks those marines were eh - one word :Admin Bomb! I would love to get my hands on them and give them a good beating to iron out those attitudes and maybe they might have lived through the film rather then die screaming like a bunch of little girls when the pressure was on.
I have been thinking after watching aliens tonight how powerful would it be if an alien were to impregnate a really powerful superhero, like superman for example, and the resulting alien were to develop the same physical charactersitics (as it is scientifically proven that all aliens do upon leaving a host) including his powers.
Then you would get an alien that could fly, shoot lasers from its eyes and also be immune to bullets as well as having the standard alien equipment of razor claws and a retractable mini mouth. Just to add to the power of this super alien, I think the first call of duty would be to kill batman and take his costume so that he would then have access to all the gadgets batman uses and a cooler costume then superman.

Any thoughts on further modifications to this super soldier?
Please, please, tell me that you're under 16 years of age and only on here because your dad, a serving soldier, left the computer on when he went to bed!
This topic is utter wnak. superman would never be able to defeat batman.
Depends on the era doesn't it?

70s Batman with sad side kick Robin or cool new guy with abs of steel?

As for Superman flying about 70s style or confined to a wheel chair?

In the 70s Superman is the clear winner 90s Batman all the way.


Actually Batman keeps a Kryptonite ring in the Batcave in case he ever has to fight Superman, so Batman could kick Supermans teeth in if he wanted to.
As for the Alien impregnating Superman, they tried that once when Superman was low on power. He nearly died but fortunately he managed to get close to a yellow sun and get his powers back, he then puked the Alien baby up and killed it.

…I was 16 once :?

…I’ll get my coat. 8O
That's easy, the shark.
A Shark has millions of years of evolutionary prowess behind it.
A Grizzly Bear is cuddly.
Erm last time i checked Aliens was a yank movie, not a documentary... ( mind you, Bad Lads Army take note, Bad Lads Army, Colonial Space Marines Class may be?)

So any how, its a movie, so uses willing suspension of disbelief etc etc!! If that say were a movie with "real troops" (British) it would be a case of "hello, many huge evil creatures" and then "ker splunk", as the trusty SA 80 yet again shows its Diva nature with a stoppage..... always at the most inconvenient time....

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