A new book - Lions, Donkeys and Reptiles

How about a new book, with a highly original title(!), that exposes the relationship between the Armed Forces, the command chain and the slimy politicians?

Chapter 1: Dulce Et Decorum Est...
Isn't the Ministry of Defence extraordinarily generous in its support of the famlies of the fallen? Well, perhaps not when the death-in-service benefits of the UK Armed Forces are compared to those of the US and other nations. It took a court case to obtain unmarried death-in-service benefits. Also, how fitting is it that Grandad should have to sell his war medals to pay for medical treatment...how generous are the pensions of the "losing side" ie. Germany.

Chapter 2: The Thin Red Line
Thinner than at any time since the Napoleonic Wars, thanks to cost-cutting and the betrayal of regiments. Thin and very stretchy, but can't use the word "overstretch" in public even if you are CDS...

Chapter 3: It's Tommy this, an' Tommy that...
"Investors in People" - the lie that is mounted upon the walls of unit HQs everywhere. Want to vote in 2005? Tough...how convenient for Labour! Fancy a pay rise? Well, if the nice Armed Forces Pay Review Body and the nice Secretary of State say so, you can have one that is a hair's breadth above inflation. Meanwhile the quartering charges, Railcard and contribution in lieu of council tax will rise by quite a bit more! Want to complain about something? Well, tough. Write to your boss (who may be at fault) and if they doesn't like it, then redress him or her (if you dare!). Enticed by the annual leave allowance. Well, it looks good in the brochures, but just because it is promised doesn't mean you can have it!

Chapter 4: Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 4?
After being sent to Iraq for the umpteenth time without adequate NBC equipment for a supposed chemical threat and without enough ammunition, you are faced with a life-threatening situation. A suspected insurgent has concealed a weapon and you have to make a life-or-death decision? Pull the trigger and end up in the dock...guaranteed!

Chapter 5: Never has so much been owed by so few to so many...
The Prime Minister Tony Blair has sent troops into action in the former Yugoslavia, into Sierra Leone, has bombed Iraq in 1998 and has sent troops into Afghanistan and Iraq. Do you think he would like to thank those who have been injured in the service of the nation. Well, he would rather stage a photocall in Iraq once a year than visit a Service hospital, despite the fact over 4000 troops have been injured in Iraq. Is he ashamed of something?

Come on, fellow ARRSers!


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You could ask TCH and PoD to write the Foreword :twisted:

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