A new Bergen. What do you want?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Soldier_5, May 15, 2006.

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  1. I am in the process of designing a new bergen for my latest engineering project at uni. What sort of features would you like on it. I know this has been done before but i want up to date ideas. So if you are back from the sandpit, and have any novel ideas i would like to hear them. There is a good possibility that arktis are going to produce my final design for me, and if its good enough, they might market it, who knows!

    Cheers. S5
  2. Helium balloons to make it lighter and some wheels for carting it along the floor...

    No really make it so that an average guy of about 6ft or so can go prone but not have it pushing his face down into the ground, similar porportions to the short back PLCE bergan good.
  4. I want rogue troopers back pack :lol:
    A modern sas/para bergan would be good .Something compatible with webbing and have either lid to store daysac or adecent grab bag
    in it . pockets /pouches for items you need .Able to fire rifle in prone when wearing it .
  5. Solider 5 , Hi
    Last year I asked the same Question
    Here is the link to what people wroteBergen changes
    Yours Adam

  6. What degree do you do?. I'm just curious as to how designing a bergan is related to engineering?

  7. every thing is related to engineering off the top of my head you can study;
    computer engineering
    computer systems engineering
    electronic engineering
    electronic systems engineering
    electrical engineering
    power engineering (same as above different name)
    electromechanical engineering
    communication engineering
    manufacturing engineering
    textile engineering
    mechanical engineering
    automotive engineering
    aeronautical engineering
    systems engineering
    production engineering
    intergrated engineering
    general engineering (same as above different name)
    structural engineering
    marine engineering (same as above different name)
    navel enineering
    civil engineering
    enviromental engineering
    architectural engineering
    chemical enginering
    medical engineering
    food engineering
    petroleum engineering
    mineral engineering
    geological engineering
    oil engineering

    and I'm sure I've missed some

    edit to add some more
  8. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    We have the technology to make them better, stronger, faster... :p
  9. that reminds me: genetic engineering

    back on topic, the main problems I have with the issue bergan is a place to fix a roll mat to vertically and how it sits on the webbing.
  10. im a mech Engineer, and strictly speaking we can do a project on what we like. couple of my lecturers work with a lot of textiles, designing life vests.
  11. The first quote in Pillager's post is mine.

    Basically, make it modular and integrate it into the PLCE system (or whatever replaces it) properly.

    The bells and whistles from top-of-the-line civvy outdoor gear would also be a bonus.. Load balancing, fully adjustable harness, compression, etc. etc.
  12. basically the main body is a similiar size and shape to the short back bergen. the lid is goin to be a detachable (via qr buckles) 30L grab bag. mesh pockets on side of bergen, 3 waterbottle pouches at the front, and other bits and pieces. ribbed back, with plce style webbing belt, to allow attachment of water bottle and utility pouches.
  13. You need to ensure that when the lid is off that there is something to stop the bergen becoming a large bucket for water to collect in i.e a cover, this would also mean that any other things such as LAW could still be strapped across the top.
  14. fair shout. a couple o compression straps across the top, and an inbuilt rain cover shoould do the trick.