A new Bergen. What do you want?

I am in the process of designing a new bergen for my latest engineering project at uni. What sort of features would you like on it. I know this has been done before but i want up to date ideas. So if you are back from the sandpit, and have any novel ideas i would like to hear them. There is a good possibility that arktis are going to produce my final design for me, and if its good enough, they might market it, who knows!

Cheers. S5
Helium balloons to make it lighter and some wheels for carting it along the floor...

No really make it so that an average guy of about 6ft or so can go prone but not have it pushing his face down into the ground, similar porportions to the short back PLCE bergan good.
Compatibility with PLCE side pockets.

Expandable lid pocket, detatchable, with own yoke capable, when fully expanded of taking standard side pockets. Gives you a boatload of carry options.

Tight fitting elasticated net to enable positive bungee attatchment of odd sized loads.

Fully adjustable harness system, the Lowe Alpine APS system could be used as a "model", should be able to raise main pack clear of webbing, regardless of the users height.

Extension of the frame outside of the pack, not a totally external frame but enough to allow a "shelf" to be attatched for radios or similar equipment.

Internal hanging pocket with quality lock and made of a cut resistant material for small, high value personal items.

A balance system comparable with those on top of the line civvy-kit (see the Lowe Alpine "crossbow" system).

Hip belt with PLCE compatible attatchment band to enable a utility or water bottle pouch to be carried.

That should be an expensive little number, although having said little if using the current bergan as a size guide all options should give in the region of 140 litre capacity...

I'd buy one. If you could do it for <£300
1. The current bergan is quite restrictive for carrying bulky kit, especially when you're on a trooping flight and are trying to pack everything you need for six months, or you're doing a para drop and are carrying half the signals kit, etc. What is needed is a way to be able to bulk out when necessary: maybe make the main compartment 130+ litres, but have a speed-compression system (ie zig-zag cord draws) down the sides like you get on climbing packs.

2. If keeping the same volume, at least make it wider at the bottom (like the old Berghaus Crusader it was copied from) so that a standard pair of boots will fit down there - or Radio batteries, etc.

3. Staying on the "volume" theme, enlarge the top lid pocket, but make it expandable to a very large size (30litres? Sometimes I carry a Berghaus Munro strapped to the top) with some sort of compression system.

4. How about a big mesh panel covering the whole back to use as a quick kit-stuffing place - ie for waterproofs/ NBC kit/ CBA (when the RAF won't let you wear it in the a/c) etc?

5. Provide a means of tucking away all of the straps - especially the waist belt - for para/ hanging your bergan on the outside of the wagon/ trooping flights, etc.

Apart from that lot, not much else to change......
In the 'not so silly' arena:

1. The ability of the bergan to take more weight without the stitching coming away from the shoulder straps entry onto the back of the bergan.

2. A 'snatch' pack that fits under the lid (or a lid that'll cover the munro or patrol pack)

3. Elasticated straps over the back

4. Tie aways for straps when parachuting etc

5. Zip at the bottom with snow lock cover (as per Crusader2)

6. Drainage holes at the bottom of main pack and side pouches (ability to cover these up again!)

7. Waist belt able to accept PLCE pouches without harry maskers

8. Zips to attach third side pouch over mess tin pouch

9. Extendable pouch on lid, not interfering with movement when prone

10. Chest straps

11. Side compression system, better than the straps provided that still allows you to carry a side pouch

Off the top of my head thats it and I know others have posted similar
zip at the bottom definately had an old rucksack which had one.rucksack was pile of s*** but zip best feature!!!
quick relese buckles
stitch one of those fully waterproof bags into the lining...so you dont have to muck about with those nice big bags.which have a tendancy to move..which pisses me off!!!
erm......maybe a sort of mesh lining to stuff like waterproofs down quickly.........or cba or something like that.
triple puch set on fron
and lots of compression sacks!!!
nice long belt..but which is thin enought to take standard pouches.but thick enough so it doesnt just dig in!!
oh and a built in fridge.genius!!!
I want rogue troopers back pack :lol:
A modern sas/para bergan would be good .Something compatible with webbing and have either lid to store daysac or adecent grab bag
in it . pockets /pouches for items you need .Able to fire rifle in prone when wearing it .
every thing is related to engineering off the top of my head you can study;
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and I'm sure I've missed some

edit to add some more


Kit Reviewer
eegeek said:
every thing is related to engineering off the top of my head you can study;
computer systems engineering
electronic engineering
electrical engineering
power engineering (same as above different name)
manufacturing engineering
textile engineering
mechanical engineering
automotive engineering
aeronautical engineering
intergrated engineering
general engineering (same as above different name)
structural engineering
marine engineering
civil engineering
enviromental engineering
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and I'm sure I've missed some
We have the technology to make them better, stronger, faster... :p
that reminds me: genetic engineering

back on topic, the main problems I have with the issue bergan is a place to fix a roll mat to vertically and how it sits on the webbing.
im a mech Engineer, and strictly speaking we can do a project on what we like. couple of my lecturers work with a lot of textiles, designing life vests.
The first quote in Pillager's post is mine.

Basically, make it modular and integrate it into the PLCE system (or whatever replaces it) properly.

The bells and whistles from top-of-the-line civvy outdoor gear would also be a bonus.. Load balancing, fully adjustable harness, compression, etc. etc.
basically the main body is a similiar size and shape to the short back bergen. the lid is goin to be a detachable (via qr buckles) 30L grab bag. mesh pockets on side of bergen, 3 waterbottle pouches at the front, and other bits and pieces. ribbed back, with plce style webbing belt, to allow attachment of water bottle and utility pouches.
You need to ensure that when the lid is off that there is something to stop the bergen becoming a large bucket for water to collect in i.e a cover, this would also mean that any other things such as LAW could still be strapped across the top.
fair shout. a couple o compression straps across the top, and an inbuilt rain cover shoould do the trick.
What about a stashable light weight rain cover like the type you can get on camera bags and the like. You can pull it over the whole bergan when you need to. It would be stowed in it's own pocket and is attatched to the bergan itself.

Just a thought.
Take a look at these imroved bergans from Raven Systems and Webtex. Might be worth stealing a few ideas!

A hydration pocket would be useful too.

Un-Friendly-Fire said:
some wheels for carting it along the floor...
Hows this?

Mr Happy

A few thoughts.

The current issue bergens appear to me to be good but check the civvie options for innovative ideas.

Here in Schweiz the local bundeswhatevers do have an externa frame with wheels on so that when moving kit around in a non-threat environment (e.g. Zurich Hauptbahnhof) it acts like a trolly bag and when in the field a proper bergen. I would expect a few lashing points and maybe a clip or three is all that is needed and make sureyou keep most of the lashing points and weight on the trolly.

Consider a bergen cover that can change the colour scheme from des to temperate to urban to civi (dayglo orange for mountain climbing ex's), e.g. 4 covers which are each waterproof (so the main bergen isn't weighed down with needless heavy waterproofing) that can be interchanged depending on your arrival airport location.

Consider at the outset bergen mission. E.g. Inf, SF, REMF - perhaps variations so that it can be modular so a Radop can put ancils and radio in but a patrol medic can add his band-aids and asprin. Also remember the aim of trying to design a bergen for all men or a mission specific bergen, don't over-engineer it so its everything for everyone!

Don't over clutter it with water or ammo pounches or stuff that should be in a vest/webbing as that makes it useless for a low intensity environment etc… Modular modular modular, oh, and compatible compatible,

Lastly, consider soldiers ACTUAL equipment requirements vs their would likes. Not because your vest should only take issue kit but because you don't want to have to explain too much to examiners, e.g. going off on a tangent about "but pl sgts need to carry ammo boxes for resup + handcuffs for PW's and 51mm ammo and …." will turn lefty tutors/examiners off so if you keep it to "army says you carry this as a basic load". I realise this may screw your production chances but it depends what grade you're after….

When it comes to documentation part of your submission, I am used to QC'ing docs and so if you want me to run over it to make sure it reads sense etc just PM me with the draft/s.
cheers. im just collecting ideas of what guys who use this kit in ops want to see improved, for my design brief. there is a chance that it will be manufactured by arktis or another quality company, but thats only in the pipeline at the mo.
cheers guys keep the suggestions flowing!

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