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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fish-head, Jul 9, 2004.

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  1. In light of recent joint operations the Ministry of Defence have decided to award a new medal for advancing the tri-service cause.

    This award is to be called the Purple Helmet and will be given to anyone who has, in the line of duty or otherwise, engaged in sexual intercourse with members of all three services.

    Several classes of medals exist:

    The Purple Helmet - shag anyone of any rank from each of the three services.

    Accumlated Purple Helmet - shag one from each of the junior ranks, Senior NCOs and the officer's mess.

    The Purple Helmet and Bar - A rare award, for men easier for women, going to anyone, who ,in addition to the above, has engaged with the Royal Marines. A serious undertaking given the number and quality of women in the RM band service. There is no accumulated version of this for men to date.

    All recommendations for this award must be proceeded by an appropriate citation being published either in Arrse or in the London Gazette.
  2. Can I have one of these I fink I have earnt it!!!!

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. Details, let's ave em!

    Locations, units, ships, squadrons.

  4. Is this to replace the old army decoration of "Tri-service wings with brown nut cluster" for doing a WRAF, WRAC and WREN's (the nut cluster for doing the up the arse)

    The award was only granted upon presentation of evidence and completion within a 365 day period.
    (much like lssa days)
  5. It was felt that he wearing of a medal would be appropriate for such committed and dedicated acts.

    You applying?
  6. I am applying.......
  7. Worst thing is - I qualify.

    Another medal - oh dear!!!!
  8. What, qualify for the purple helmet AND bar???

  9. Applied and awarded way back, 1999!
    no verification means on here though.
    Will apply for the updated Purple helmet and await it's posting to me in about 2011!
  10. C'mon Dale.

    You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine!

    It gets very expensive with all this mounting, dosen't it.....
  11. Take that horrible photo off and I may share :lol:

    FCUK - do I have to it court mounted?
  12. There were 2 female RAF officers on Ex Ironhawk in Batus in 2000 that qualified for this award with purple bar and dangle berry clusters. :D

    They did such sterling service that when they walked into one bar the blokes gave a renditiion of "Who let the dogs out"...........it brought a tear to the eye! :wink:

  13. All applications to Fishy, with details.
  14. God, so close yet so far; I have one Wren and one Army officer to my "credit". I just need a Crabfat, and at this stage I think I will take any gender, just to get the coveted Purple Helmet.
  15. Bernoulli

    You should get yourself round to Gosport; Fort Blockhouse is a target-rich environment. Wednesday night is good for getting stuck to the floor in Emma's, with many gipping nurses to choose from.