A new Avatar for EX_STAB?

A new avatar for ES?

  • Keep the old one. We know and like it.

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  • Be daring - have a new one!

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Since I joined I've been quite happy with my avatar which looks quite like me:

However I have now seen this image:
which may be an improvement.

Here it is in avatar size:

So - should I stay with the old one or go for the new?
... a bit, well, gay... IMHO

... also looks like he has been catheterised!

But if YOU are happy with it - fill thine boots...!
A change is as good as a rest, Ex_Stab. Plus your current one is somewhat forgettable and small.

Same goes for your avatar. I'll be here all week, try the veal.
You lovingly crafted my current avatar for me and so I feel obliged to return the favour. Merry Christmas Ex STAB! Why not try this one? I hope you like it.

Eddited to add: sized and ready to use