A New Approach to MP Expenses

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbore, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. An MP has to paid to do his job and his expenses to do that job.

    Take the case of an MP in the North of Scotland, it only seems fair that he should be expected to travel from his home constituency to Westminster every week at our expense.

    I would also expect that it would be sensible for that MP to have a small flat in London to stay overnight during the week before bashing back up North to his family home and then doing the stuff he is required to do in his constituency.

    The obvious answer is that every penny he claims from us, his employers, is listed on a website, so that we can see what we are paying for.

    Not listed a year after the event but each week, as the claims go in.

    We will see what claims are genuine i.e. "Attended reception for XYZ Group - got too pissed to drive home - stayed in hotel." All perfectly understandable.

    Just make it public and the public will agree that the claims are to be paid.
  2. Even simpler, the MP chooses a residence (within a budget) which is then purchased and equipped by Parliament. When the MP leaves office the property and its contents remain the property of Parliament and either get reused or sold.
  3. Good idea.

    The London base, which he needs to do his job, is provided and any "profit" that comes from it is ours; the people that paid for it.
    OR it is made available to the person who gained his seat in the election.

    Your proposal makes sense.
  4. Or they get put in the sh@gged Married Quarters at Mill Hill - and see how THEY like it!
  5. I've been saying the above (re Commons hotel thing) for years. Why can;t they build a fully furnished, at least 4* hotel or decent apartment block somewhere central for them to reside. Run by parliament. It'd cost less then 25k accommodation (PLUS LONDON SECOND HOME) per year. If I were an MP, so long as my room and facilities were big enough, I had a decent study area and business class lobby/dining facilities, i'd be fine. I don't need a second home.

    In my view, MPs should be paid about 100k, at least, to reflect their relative importance (they are the law makers of the land), and everything else, all the trimmings, stationary allowances, travel, etc should be scrapped.

    I'm ambivalent and open minded for the constituency offices, which cost a lot of money.

    Communications allowances, currently at 10k and used by virtually all (brought in by Labour so they could propagate their MPs to their constituents) wants scrapping too. State funded party literature that.
  6. The Communications Allowance - a splendid idea that gives the sitting labour MP a GBP10K worth of propaganda ( sorry - comunication with his constituents).

    Definitely the first thing to be scrapped.
  7. Why do we have Scottish MP's in Westminster, I am sure there are no English in the Scottish Parliment?

    Same for Welsh and Northern Irish MP's

  8. I note that The Green Book is being quietly re-written to ease some of the ''rules/guidelines'' for MPs expenses.
    I note also,some MP saying on TV today,that MPs expenses should be treated as an Official Secret as information from their chits might be usefull to terrorists.What is he hiding/smoking? His name is Bell(Labour)
  9. Yes, written in the style so beloved by the master wordsmith containing just the right balance between positivism and ambiguity to provide for the widest possible interpretation.
  10. Stationary allowance?

    They can demand from Banner (or whoever has the account at themoment) from the standard catalogue.

    An RAO can be seconded to arbitrarily cut items from the order, on the grounds that they don't think the dept demanding the items need.....

    Like the 50 A4 folders to replace the A4 folders that were literally falling apart after what looked like 20 years service minimum in the TM Troop, Tech Library.
  11. Stationary allowances are shy of 4k. This involves pens, paper, your employees christmas pens. This doesn't even include IT equipment.

    MPs are pretty important people, let there be no doubt, they ARE underpaid, 63k is nothing today, but this wants balancing out. Raise their pay, cut their perks.
  13. Sorry..."Yet the media, both in England and in Scotland, have largely ignored the fact that around one in nine Members of the Scottish Parliament was born in England." (Murray Watson; History Today, Vol. 55, June 2005)

    Interestingly the SNP has the highest number of English-born MSPs of all the Scottish parties...
  15. I disagree. 63K/year is more than enough to do the job. Right now, they have 60k + expenses = 60k (or perhaps 40k after tax) disposable income which is more than the vast majority of people in the country can hope for.

    Bear in mind they have a gold plated non-contributory pension as well. And, let's not forget large numbers of these people hire their wives/husbands so some of the expenses go straight back into their households.

    It is a VERY cushy position to be in.

    Lastly. this is a job that, if the MP is so minded, could be part time. No one says MPs have to attend parliament.