a new alizee thread

Like my c0ck right up her hoop, that would sort her out for french anglo diplomacy!
Hot Corsican babe - maried with a son at 23, FFS!

thank fuck for google images , i,ll be back in five
kc1982kc said:
thank * for google images , i,ll be back in five
Try youtube, and be back in two...
gwar_drill_pig_stab said:
well the corsicans arent really french anyway.saying that i dont care where she is from id run round basra flying the israeli flag for the chance to sniff her bike seat

Proximo said:

Perhaps not... :D
A chinstrap will just about complete that helmet of a hairdo.

I reserve comment until she's started puberty.........no wait....unless theirs there's any anal shots??? So that we can count the rings to determine her age <cough> of course?
great, a thread for blokes that like their women to look like kids with gopping tits

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