A New Age Of Liberal Darkness’

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. His missus sounds like Microsoft Mary. Is she a fembot?

    Socialism or something much worse... Muslamism! What a ridiculous video. Do they think Red Dawn was a documentary film?
  2. More of a self help guide.
  3. It must have been much easier to claim not to be a racist back when black people were not in positions of power as your position in relation to equality never had to endure the acid test.

    The reality is sinking in now and they are bricking it.
  4. I hadn't taken the "darkness" thing in a fear of a black planet kinda way. First thing that struck me was not four more years but the thousand year Reich.
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  5. A little bit of Socialism didn't hurt anyone (NHS)...... Why do Americans seem to think Socialism = Communism?
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  6. Because, like women, many Americans are batshit insane.
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  7. Because the healthcare providers pay politicians to say so.

    BTW, next time an American starts sounding off about Socialism, ask if he knows his Social Security number.
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  8. To be fair to Septics their lack of faith in government does tend to get confirmed rather frequently by the eigits they elect.
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  9. Watched Billion Dollar Brain the other night which did stereotype every American almost very accurately!
  10. I think Peter Dow would fit right in over there.
  11. Sean Penn for President! Then there is more chance he'd be assassinated!!
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