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A new 9/11 thread

It was the CIA, FBI and Princess Di (she didnt really die you know). They snuck in under cover of darkness and managed to convince the world that Iraqs Weapons on Mass Destruction were actually hidden in DodI Fayeds unfeasibly large Y-fronts. He wanted to expose them and himself in a full spread so it was decided that he had to be "topped". Thats why he was killed in the tunnel. The buildings collapsing was because they were crappily made by a conglomerate of Wimpy and Barrett. Now get a fcuking life.
It was King Kong!!!!!!!

He's the only thing able to climb the Towers

He was too quick for the camera's and swung off the towers after fooling airliners to attack him.

Were Frenchperson and I the only ones who saw? Or did the CIA get to all of you too.
daz said:
MikeMcc said:
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
frenchperson said:
Question for Cpunk. Am I allowed to post here?

I'm sure you are.

Afterall, reading your bollox saves me looking at my grandkids finger paintings.
Fcuk me, you found somebody stupid enough to give you kids, never mind grandkids! :eek:
He never said willingly :D :D
Ah that explains lots, he's been taking lessons off MDN!

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