A NEEDS MAP FOR VETERANS - but is anyone reading it?

Came across this in the course of current work by BAFF: a 'Needs Map for Veterans' produced as part of a study carried out for MOD in 2002-2003 by the War Studies Dept and Institute of Psychiatry of King's College London.

General link on MOD Defence Internet

Direct link to 'Needs Map for Veterans' (PDF)

Take a look at the "map" - only 1 page - seems to me that it's rather good stuff!

A sample:
After leaving veterans need:

Follow-up; ideally everybody, but otherwise follow-up of the vulnerable

Access to resettlement advice to be available in a flexible time frame – allowing people to ‘come back’

Communication networks to foster adaptive social links and to offer support to the veteran community

Advice about how to link into primary care

Access to competently executed, well-validated treatments for those with mental health problems

Treatment delivered in an environment with some military understanding
All highly relevant to the current BAFF work which I mentioned, BUT, to what extent are any of the above aspirations from 2002-03 now being delivered?

Over to you. We would really appreciate your comments, favourable or unfavourable.

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