A NATO force for Gaza?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ArticleNews.jhtml?itemNo=813201&contrassID=13&subContrassID=1&sbSubContrassID=0

    Do you support this proposition? What about British troops in Gaza?
  2. Well, now we’re really cutting to the chase aren’t we?

    I’m sure that Tony Bliar will be more than keen to promise a contribution to any NATO force considered for deployment to Gaza, when, and not if, the time comes.

    Seems far fetched to me that NATO would commit 30,000 to Gaza to prevent further arms smuggling and Kassam missiles being fired into Israel by Palestinian terrorist groups.

    Can anyone seriously expect Hamas, currently the elected governance of Gaza to agree to such a mandate and deployment, can anyone seriously see The Palestinian Authority under Abbas and controlling Fatah and Tamzim terror groups agreeing to this?

    Surely those in authority are aware of the assent of Al Queda in the Gaza region and West Bank and the growing influences of Hizbollah there too.

    The US witnessed the instability of this region in Beirut when the US Marines base was blown to bits by a truck bomb, shortly after this tragic event and the considerable loss of life that accompanied it; the US Marine force was withdrawn.

    Given the existing mistrust and hatred toward Western countries and the fact that the Palestinians see arms smuggling and Kassam missile fire against Israel as legitimate activities of armed struggle NATO would be reluctant surely to deploy such a force that would be perceived as hostile to Palestinian objectives and subject to relentless attack.

    On the other hand, if such a force carried a mandate that called on them to prevent retaliatory and self defensive incursions into Gaza by the Israeli Defence Forces then NATO will be set on a collision course with the State of Israel.

    Either way, if NATO were rash enough to assemble and deploy a force of 30,000 to Gaza then you can be certain that what follows will cause what has and is taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan pale in significance.

    If the mandate calls for this force to prevent arms smuggling and Kassam missile fire then the Palestinians will exercise the right to reject this force and refuse it permission to deploy, what happens then?

    Will NATO then seek the permission of the Israeli’s to deploy this force inside Israel on its border with Gaza and to what purpose?

    If, on the other hand, the mandate called for such a force to attempt to prevent future Kassam missile fire and to prevent retaliatory and self defensive incursions by the IDF, can NATO seriously expect Israel to consent to the deployment and co-operate with it?

    Personal friends of mine reside on a certain Negev Kibbutz that is just inside the pre 1967 border and located just over half a mile from Gaza City. They have experienced over a year of incessant Kassam missile fire at their community and those nearby.

    Before NATO or any other ‘peacekeeping’ force is contemplated, the politicians considering their deployment would do well to consider the terms of the Quartet Road Map.

    This calls for the creation of a so-called two state solution with the creation of a Palestinian State to peacefully coexist alongside Israel with the borders demarked along the pre-1967 borders.

    THAT, being the objective, then why the hell are the Palestinian terror cells bombarding those Israeli communities behind the pre-1967 borders if they are committed to the terms of the road map and are prepared to peacefully coexist with Israel?

    NATO deploys such a force at its peril, are we all prepared to witness an even greater flow of body bags to our respective countries from the Gaza area and to what end?

    Sure Tony Bliar will be content to commit troops that are already over stretched and over extended to such a force but doing so risks much including the permanent fracturing of the moral and make-up of our Armed Forces.
  3. NATO cant support the Afghanistan mission much less another. Can you see the Germans or Otalians putting their troops in Gaza. What the Palestinians want is a force that will protect them from the Israelis. The only way a third party force should go in there is if Hamas and Fatah disarm.
  4. Why should British Troops do Gazza. Okay so he messed up a bit in Italy and got drunk alot in Scotland and slapped his missus around, but that is still no excuse for the Troops to roger him.........

    Oh Gaza....
  5. Well, i wouldn't mind going. Could do with the OSB after xmas!
  6. I'm not so sure. As an experienced politician mr.Blair would not make such a grave mistake as sending of British soldiers in such an explosive place. He hasn't sent troops to Lebanon. So why would he sent them to Gaza?

    But what it Hamas agree then would israel agree too? I doubt.
  7. Gaza? Sod that for a laugh. Why the hell would we want to put ourselves between the Israelis and Palestinian factions when all they seem to want to do is take potshots at each other? No thank you.

    If you were putting together a NATO force for round there I would have thought the Golan Heights would be a much better location. Get the Israelis to pull out of the place, Syria gets to reclaim its territory but agrees to declare it a DMZ and not move troops into it to help reassure Israel and NATO gets to set up shop there to keep both sides honest on the deal. Also has the knock-on effect of being able to then take care of the whole Shebaa Farms mess and knock out one of Hezbollah's main self-justifications as well. Mind you, this is all in a perfect would though.