A national tragedy....


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well one report reckons up to 2 million could get it so it could be the start.

that doctor has allready been struck off - can they do him for manslaughter now?
One measly death does not an epidemic make.
Which is a crying shame. I live in this shit hole of a city (all of us MMR'd up including the kids) and it could with a cull of the retards. He died in the Port Tenant area of the city, the crusty, dried on skidmark of this underpant of a city.

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we've lost track of just how nasty simple childhood infections are. especially when adults get them,
It's funny really, in the 50'2 and 60's social immunisation was used. If a local kid got measles, mumps, Nazi spots or KFC spots then we all went round to their house in the hopes of catching it too. That way you either built up natural immunity or you caught the disease at a young age.

My oldest son developed complications which may or may not be contributable to the MMR so we had my second son immunised for each disease separately, on our doctor's advice. If there is immunisation available then it is crazy not to take it but I don't see why it had to only be available to the masses in one combined form.

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