A National Lottery for us

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Ghilly, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, if not then feel free to move it or just tell me.

    I don’t know if this has been talked about before, but how about a National Lottery for Current and ex members of the forces/services, ie Army/Navy/Airforce/Police/Ambulance/Fire Brigade etc…?

    I’ve done a search on ‘Lottery’ and come up with loads, but I thought that one more couldn’t hurt, sod it if it does. Somebody might be more switched on to get this going than I do.

    It might sound a bit whacky, but bear with me. The National Lottery has it stands is a kind of “shotgun” in regards to who it supports. You’ve all seen some of the nutty things that’s it’s been put towards, I seem to remember that last one being something about an edible statue at some seaside resort? Why not something for the people who really make a difference, wouldn’t that be something better to spend your money on?

    I dislike seeing articles in the daily rags about someone getting shafted by the government after serving. Whoever is in power doesn’t give a toss about us, those who came before, and those who come after, we get jumped over by whoever is a hot political potato at the time. I seem to remember when I got out that an RSM, 22 odd years of service, couldn’t even get a council flat because he wasn’t top of the list or some such crap. When some old soldier is collecting for the Poppy Fund, his collecting could be held at the whim of whatever war is going on at the time. The Falklands probably raised it, this one maybe not so much, it’s not like we have a choice. If we’re in a war then the forces probably come to the fore, after it’s finished, then Joe public couldn’t give a damn. Don’t fool yourself, one day you could be a hero, the next just a bloke with a boring war story.

    We live in a Capitalist State, but we’re not Capitalist’s. If we were, we wouldn’t do the job that we feel called for. We need somebody to look after our backs in this respect, and a Lottery would do that. It could supply after service training, regardless of 4 or 24 years. Real training that would help us adapt to civi life. It could supply assistance for our family’s, SSAFA do a great job, but they need more help. More help for veterans that have physical or mental problems. It would also help with legal fees such as for that Para who got sent to Prison in Ireland in the 80’s for shooting at the car running the VCP, you remember that? I wonder how much damage that did to recruitment when even our government wouldn’t stand beside him.

    More money means more clout with Parliament. Independent help, that means if we slag of the Government, we can speak up without fear of having funding reduced. Political lobbies to push for better kit/standards. It would give us a much needed independent voice, without pandering to who’s in power at the time.

    You might think, ok fair enough, but who would buy it? Shed loads of people. All forces, both ex and serving. People/familys who support the forces and services who want to see their money go to a more deserving cause. The silent majority could finally have a say, where it counts.

    Sorry to waffle on, but wouldn’t it be good if it could be done?. I’d certainly start buying a ticket again.
  2. Not a bad idea, perhaps if you speak to the relevant Govt dept regarding licencing as you will probably need a gambling licence. I for one would buy a ticket.

  3. Good idea but we do have the army sports lottery and every squaddie gives a percentage of their wages to the Army Benevolant Fund. Also all the charity work we do normally give a percentage to SAFFA. So not sure if it would take off.

    I'd buy a ticket though!
  4. Your right. The current fund raising does a lot for the forces, but it either confuses the civi's or they don't know about it. I've been out for years but I've never heard of either since.

    We have to appeal to the majority of the UK, not just the ones who know about our work/sacrifices . With a National Lottery we can advertise on TV and in the papers. We have the strength of integrity, which no one can take away from us.
  5. Yes Stab, this is where I fall down. I really believe that this the right path, I guess I just have to find out where to start.

  6. But if you check the winners its more Col this and WO1 that hardly ever private such and such or Cpl HEART_STOPPER
    Barstewards :wink:
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    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)