A nation ruled by mongs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. There have been two high-profile murders of completely innocent (and normal) people by those who can only be described as "mongs" who constitute a rampant underclass unfettered by any normal fear of the consequences of their actions.

    One of the suspected mongs is the brother of a footballer, that celebrity aristrocracy who can do no wrong and who are such inspirational role models. The Bowyer ape is a prime example of this class.

    Meanwhile, the forces of law and order demonstrate their concept of prioritisation by arresting harmless protestors in Parliament Square, enforcing Bliar's removal of civil liberties and free speech. Yes, I know there is an unprecedented antiterrorism operation on, but these priorities have always been skewed against the ordinary citizen.

    So, what to do? Should we live in fear of mongs, knowing that if we attempt to protect ourselves we may end up dead, and that calling the police will generate no response? Why should we remain unprotected and what do we do?

    There are two possible answers. One is to indulge in a spot of vigilante action by establishing local networks of "concerned citizens". If a mong is causing grief, then a mobile phone call will gather the aforementioned concerned citizens (with pickaxe handles) who will administer "community justice" to the offending mongs.

    I do not like that solution, as it involves extra effort that our taxes should be paying for.

    The second solution is to take a Dutch model further and to build satellite towns only for mongs to live in. These towns would be made of austere and robust materials and surrounded by fencing. Mongs would be locked up until they could demonstrate their fitness to live in normal society, and only then, would they be released under supervision.
  2. I would like to nominate West Yorkshire (yes all of it) for the first 'town' to be ring fenced followed by Greater london please.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised to see a member from BELM berate you for your use of the word 'Mong' to describe these cretins.
  4. I would like to nominate Atlantis as the first town to be used... What it's under the sea?!
  5. I would like to nominate Atlantis as the first town to be used... What it's under the sea?!
  6. Never happen PVRd, never ever in a million years...not even with Cherie Blair as their brief!
  7. Since a lot of these gonzos have proved quite conclusively that they're not prepared to operate by the society SOPs we all try to adhere to, why not just pick 'em up off the streets and the military could use them for E & E excercises, say on the Yorkshire moors or Dartmoor. Only with live rounds! Notches on the old gun-butt anyone?

  8. I'm thinking El Salvador style death-squads. In a given area, you would probably only have to execute a dozen or so arrseholes to immeasurably improve the standard of life for the other inhabitants.
  9. So true. A copper once told me that given the number of housebreaking/car crime/shop lifters per capita in my town (100,000+) it was down to about 2 dozen individuals(mostly junkies), all known by the local plod. Double tap the lot of them and the problem would disappear over night, all for the price of a box of 9 mm.
  10. bernie .... admit now that the only reason you came into this thread was in anticipation of finding "the mother lode" for your special fighting school .... :D
  11. As a matter of fact, I have enough "volunteers" to fill the fight cards for the 2005-2006 season.
    They're locked up in the hold of a disused freighter in Stamshaw, and are being fed a diet of chicken livers, steroids, and crystal meth to get them all gee'd up for the season.. :D
  12. can i come down and tazer a few again to really get their backs up, it's great once you upset one and that whole mongy shrieky chain reaction kicks in ... have you tried any cross breeding to get the perfect big headed scrapper??
  13. Why not just go to Wales?

    Loads of them there and some of them even look like normal folks.
  14. Cheeky Tawt - although absolutely correct!
    We do seem to have an unfair percentage of halfwits over this side of the bridge.
  15. I tried to get the mini homeless czar intrested in my " very assertive outreach programme"
    De lisle carbine ( yes somebody still makes them)
    "hire van for the weekend"
    power saw
    roll of bin bags
    disposable coveralls gloves and face masks
    cleaning materials and a jet wash for afterwards
    say £40k all told and reduction in drink and drug offending by 1000%
    she was horrified that a homeless professional could think like that :lol: . although did have an intresting chat with a civil servant who claimed to work for the treasury :twisted: HIS little eyes lit up when I showed him the savings that could be made :twisted:
    so wait and see :twisted: :lol: