a must for mr T fans

yes thinking about reviewing the postage however donald trump has got fook all on me
Very nice.

Do you have any 'Howlin Mad Murdoch' Mugs :wink:
yes of course it can hold your own lag if you want it too!!!
cant believe i am getting interest
If i wear to take the mug deep sea diving with me in the North sea. Has it been depth and pressure tested to survive the crushing Icy cold water and still keep my brew intact???
Possibly not the best idea however i am willing to supply waterproof super glue to stick it back to together, it will be a cheap version, a sample of my j1zz :p
Feck me some on has actually bid! is that you bad crow????
I pity the fool who bids on my jewellery!
i just dont know who its is stand up arrser and be counted
cant belive there are people fighting over this :roll:
comn you know you wanna

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