a must for mr T fans

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by bitterandtwisted, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. Postage is a little top heavy. the free hobnob tub is a nice touch though!
  2. yes thinking about reviewing the postage however donald trump has got fook all on me
  3. Very nice.

    Do you have any 'Howlin Mad Murdoch' Mugs :wink:
  4. me thinks we should start a barrage of silly questions, after all it is arrse tradition.
  5. Does the mug hold milk. BA's favourite tipple?
  6. yes of course it can hold your own lag if you want it too!!!
  7. cant believe i am getting interest
  8. If i wear to take the mug deep sea diving with me in the North sea. Has it been depth and pressure tested to survive the crushing Icy cold water and still keep my brew intact???
  9. Possibly not the best idea however i am willing to supply waterproof super glue to stick it back to together, it will be a cheap version, a sample of my j1zz :p
  10. Oooo!!! Its bid time! Nothing like deep sea sperm
  11. Feck me some on has actually bid! is that you bad crow????
  12. I pity the fool who bids on my jewellery!
  13. haha. Nah. I'm not ebay's best mate at the moment. I have bought £1500 worth in the last 3 weeks
  14. i just dont know who its is stand up arrser and be counted