A Must For All Grange Hill Fans

Great site for all Grange Hill fans:


Loads of great info on your favourites, like Peter Moran (Pogo Patterson) was in the first Star Wars and Aidan J David (Arnie Arnold) likes dogs. Interesting to see how the actors have moved on physically as well. Hope you like!
LEE MacDONALD who played Zammo Maguire now cuts keys for a living in Wallington, Surrey!
Wow this info has just made my day!
Pity this is not in the NAAFI!!
I met Mr Bronson, he also played Adolf Hitler in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade...
I think Michael Sheard is on record as having played Adolph Hitler more times than any other actor

I'll give the Grange Hill site a miss though . I don't want to take my computer to get fixed and the engineer finds lots of photos of school girls

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