A Muslim Terrorist nicked my mail!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Anyone in a position to comment on this: "Spy chiefs fear Al-Qaeda is intercepting post to troops in Afghanistan in a bid to target their families. They say radical Muslim Royal Mail workers have stolen letters and parcels to get home addresses - which they pass on to terrorists. Now top brass have told service families not to write Iraq or Afghanistan on envelopes because they will then be handled by Royal Mail. Instead, they should use a BFPO address that would put post through the secure military mail system. A source said: "The fear is of physical reprisals against families."
    Added to this is
    "British troops there - and in Iraq - have already been banned from phoning home on their mobiles after insurgents linked to al-Qaeda were found to have hi-tech scanners that download dialled numbers. Some terrified families were then bombarded with threatening calls and gloating messages of hate"

    I appreciate I may be accused of being naive in believing all I see or spreading the story even wider. However, it appeared on Twitter and there may be families who do think all they read is the real McCoy
  2. Sounds familiar; I don't think this is a "new" story...
  3. Tomorrow's headline?

    " CWU foil terrorist attack! "?
  4. This has always been the case though. A postal address with Op Herrick, BFPO XXX is still a bit of a giveaway.

    All such post will still go through Royal Mail at collection and delivery.....
  5. Is there any evidence anywhere that this has actually been happening? I've heard about the telephone number thing before but not about the postal issues. Can't find it on an Urban Myths site. You would think that such an issue would have received rather wider coverage. Perhaps the 'Muslim' angle made it too sensitive to report.
  6. do they still do e-blueys?

    last time I was writing to Afghan I used them. the striking bastards at Royal Mail can't lose an ebluey in their backlog.
  7. Oh yes they can !
  8. Might be an old story as such....but I believe it is more relevent today than it ever was under the IRA threat in my time.

    If you think on the pathetic vetting procedures that most companies use on their employees and the inability of the government to check or control immigration....and I am sure some of those coming into Britain have a hidden agenda,I would be highly surprised if there wasn't Terrorist sympathisers intercepting mail.

    People on the whole just do not realise we are at war,its sounds silly posssibly....but the old wartime posters " The walls have ears " could do with a re-run.
  9. Do radical muslim postal workers go on strike.......or would that big teddy bear mohammad not approve?
  10. In theory it would be a good int gathering exercise but in practice I think most sorting is done by machine. The thing about these stories (or possibly myths) is that they might cause a bit of alarm but they may also make a few more people think about security. I'm not aware of any families being reported as having been targeted but am quite willing to accept they have been if there is any evidence or links out there.
  11. Google it left right and sideways and it just hits the same story from 3 or 4 url. I ask here in the context of http://bit.ly/2sBJdt
  12. I know of a bloke, who,on a cold winters night in Befast, got a letter with his name and address on the inside :)
  13. Its just some postie nicking porn and cash from the mail. SOP.
  14. Naive maybe, but if you are writing to a family member, why put your address in the letter. Surely the recipient will know the return address(?)