A Muslim preachers view of the West

Coincidental with the arrival of The Telegraph of earlier this week,with a half page spread of L/Cpl Hashemi and one paragraph for the 216 sigs Cpl,both killed recently in Afghanistan,I went down to the Mosque in Amman,after friday prayers,to listen to the ''Mullah of the Day'',stirring up the guys after said prayers.Paramilitary police were in the side streets,as this mosque caters to mainly Palestinians and displaced moslems from countries outside Jordan.My arabic is not too bad,but I also had the benefit of a jordanian friend,helping with translation.

The cleric made the point that he had travelled widely in Europe,and lived in UK for some time.He tried to sum up the position of muslims in Europe.Some of his main points were:

aa.In UK,in spite of the 7/7 bombings,the political establishment is trying to appease the muslim community.This could be judged by the hiugh number of muslim stories in the media,please for tolerance,and much racist chat,when muslims do anything wrong.The BBC was also quoted as having a very high proportion of muslims working there,and presenting news.According to the cleric,most muslims vote labour,but this should 'change' after the 'occupation of muslim lands',by Britain.

bb.In Holland a government has been brought down by the antics of a muslim woman.who has 'blaspemed and lost her faith''.According to said cleric,this 'proves' the power of the muslims.

cc.The Danish cartoon matter showed how easily muslims could get European Governments to ''grovel''

The cleric finished by saying that the West was weak,and muslims would win there 'soon' ,just looking at the points he had made earlier.

Given the high level of publicity surrounding the death of L/Cpl Hashemi,with far less coverage of his 216 Sqn colleague,it does appear that this cleric is barking(he's very barking according to the Jordanians!!) up the right tree!
I wish the press would interview moderates every once in awhile. However, since moderates aren't attention whores who run to the podium at every oppurtunity, we usually don't hear from them. I ought to get the Imam at the mosque around here to do an interview (he's a nice guy)
This "barking" cleric is quite correct in his assumptions on the western governments, especially here in the UK. Under New Labour and the main opposition parties are doing everything to appease the muslim minority (somewhere in the region of 1 million odd in a 55-60 million population).

I really don't recall the government of the time during the height of the IRA trying their hardest to appease the Irish :?

If history has shown us something, it is that appeasement does not work, it strengthens the resolve of those wishing to enforce their corrupted values and ideas upon us. If we give so easily to a few demands, such as publishing a few cartoons, then imagine what can be achieved by applying more pressure :roll:

Something will give soon in the UK, will it be the rise of the right-wing where the voting public are fed up of witnessing appeasement and the main parties ignoring the issues on multi-culturism or something equally abhorrant?

God only knows but it can't keep going on being ignored

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