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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Good CO, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    As we often say, and often long term users say, advertising is what pays the bills. I know however that some don't like it, use adblockers or just plain think that everything on the net should be free, free of advertising and run just for the love of it. Which of course this once was. Anyway...

    Would you like an ad free theme for some nominal charge? So no ads at all and no white spaces where the ads would have been. We could also make the right column optional. If so what's an appropriate amount? The software does have the facility to run a subscription system, and remove ads, but we've never used it. Feedback appreciated.
  2. You'd need to work out how much you earn per annum on pay-per-click advertising etc. Then divide it by the amount of people you think are hardcore enough to want to pay for an "ad free" service. Then tell us what you think it would cost.
  3. Could you somehow work out who made moeny for you gents by using the links to lateroom, ebay, amazon etc then when they reach a certain amount they get the option of going "ad free"?
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    I think a fair number, enough to make it viable, would jump at the chance. Would this be a one off payment or an annual sub?
  5. I think it's a good way forward. Ads can be frustrating, particularly on a slow connection. I'd say a fiver a month is a fair price. Billing that leaves PERSEC somewhere near intact would probably be appreciated also. Via premium text message, perhaps?

    Raising awareness of the need for ads is also important. There have been a bunch of threads where somebody has suggested using an ad-blocker of some description. It's never malicious. People simply don't make the connection between looking at ads and the site remaining online.
  6. Is an ad-free/charged theme possible alongside one with ads, or is it only possible to do one or the other?

    I agree with DeltaDog's first para; I live out in the sticks and there is no likelihood of getting a decent broadband out here, certainly not in my puff. Billing by mobile sounds good, too, although from your (provider) side of the fence it might not offer such consistent/reliable revenue?
  7. It would have to demonstrate a clear benefit, such as running quicker. If it took just as long to download "white space" with place holders, as it did adverts, then there would be little point in it. And if some "premium" adverts were still displayed because they paid more, then again it wouldn't be worth it.

    Personally speaking, I use websites that are free. If adverts start to ruin a site then I use it less, until I stop completely. Such as youtube, it's getting so many ads that it's being spoilt, so I stop using it and therefore I don't see the ads.

    It's not as if the ads are only paying to keep a site going, the webmasters are trying to make a profit from everyone's inconvienience. It annoys me beacuse, I have a monthly download limit and there's enough dross wasting it for me, without ads deliberately using it up.
  8. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Thanks for the feedback. A flying visit so I will try to be brief.

    Troy - not sure where you're going with that, but ARRSE simply can't run for free. It costs about £500 a month to host it just for starters.

    "No ads" would be no ads or white space, so no downloaded information except for page content.

    If bandwidth is a really big issue I suggest using the mobile theme (also very near to ad free).

    CC, there would be two themes - one as now, and one with no ads. I suppose you could view it as an example of the standard gold,silver,bronze model:

    Bronze = free, unregistered users. This theme with large ads at the top.
    Silver = free, registered users. This theme with reduced numbers of ads.
    Gold = paid, completely separate theme with no ads, no white space and a collapsible sidebar. There are plenty of other bibs and bobs such as higher PM allowances, larger avatar limits and so on that could be added to put the cherry on top.

    PA, unfortunately Amazon and so on are quite small incomes (although we're still very grateful for them if you are good enough to click through!) and tracking a user to an order would be quite a breach of privacy. As for assessing on grounds of ad revenue, I would say that would give a useful start point. The key thing that would influence it would be the admin overhead. That could be a complete show-stopper, but I think VBulletin does this sort of functionality as standard, so I hope not.

    Thanks for the interest and support
  9. I'd pay for the Gold one, as long as it was reasonable. I read far more than I write on this Forum, so it's like a magazine for me. Others might have a different view. You'd not need that many Fivers (the, in modern parlance, "Suggested Donation") to pay the Hosting, whatever that is? Don't know what else is involved, though.
  10. I know adverts are a necessary evil, you can ignore them if you want.

    The only ones that really piss me off and make me leave a site are those cnutish flashing ones, like the ads saying "Click here you have won an I'Pod"

    Absolute bastards
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  11. Didn't win, eh? You gotta keep trying.
  12. So you're saying that you want the site owners to provide you with a service, but you don't want to pay for it in any way, shape or form? To clarify, ads are a form of payment. It costs the owners a substantial amount of time and money (and stress, and legal problems) to keep a site like this online. It also costs them directly for the time you spend on the site.

    Of course they're trying to make a ******* profit. Why else would they put up with all the bullshit running a site like this entails? The entire point of this thread is to find a way of funding the site without the inconvenience of ads.

  13. I'm talking about it being overdone and over run with adverts. Not necessarily here, but almost everywhere on the web. Youtube is a clear example, not just ads on the page but ads over the top of the videos as well. Or videos that start with an advert, before you can get to the meat of the thing you've searched for. I have websites too, but I don't have adverts on any of them. I have been offered them, but declined. I have used my own websites to promote other people's events - freely but I don't regard that as an intrusive advertising. Just a free favour when I want to do it. And let me make this very very clear. There are loads of web pages that are free but people still bung adverts on them just because they can. Quite often the people hosting the site have no idea what adverts are being shown, and also quite often the adverts load quickly but slow down the loading of the genuine page. You'll be telling me next that the junk mail through my letter box pays for me living here, spare me the nonsense, I do know what's what. I remember the days when the web wasn't so full of adverts too. Then there are all the pop ups, and the shaking ads, and the "you have won" bullshit, and don't try and convince me that every ad is from a reputable, decent, honest company. There are hundreds of cons around. As for a free service, well that's up to whoever wants to do it. I make a contribution to the web via my websites and I carry those costs myself.

    So ******** yourself, pratt.
  14. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Where do you get the money to pay the costs? Let's say for a moment that those websites took so much time that you weren't able to commit much time to your normal income. Would you still run them for free for the greater good of the web? And now the websites take all your time. You're no longer contributing to a pension, no more holidays.... still free?