A Murdering Walt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cheesypoptart, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. People on this forum have made enough disparaging comments about the mental wellbeing of Walts. We now have another example to prove them right. More than right.

    Gentleman, I present to you the new Obersturmbandfuehrer of Walts:

    This man managed to injure 27 people, including a pregnant schoolteacher who was hit by a rifle round.

    A visit to Der Spiegel's website gives us the following pictures:



    If someone can find his website, I'm sure there's more. There always is with Walts.
  2. Michael Ryan of Hungerford massacre infamy, pre-spree, used to claim to be ex-2 PARA. There appears to be some kind of fantasist continuum which goes from the seemingly harmless to the outright murderous which suggests to me that the 'outing' work done by some on this site is a valuable service to us all, hopefully helping nip things in the bud at an early stage.
  3. or conversely flipping them over the edge, they may be happy and content in their waltness and all of a sudden exposure and ridicule and bang pshychobunny time!!
  4. You could be right....lucky we're all anonymous on here: 'It wasn't me...!'
  5. sorry cheesey

    this tw4t isnt a walt - hes a dillusional psychopath!

    a walt is someone who dresses up in order to achieve some 'street cred' with the khaki krew - or the ladies.

    someone who buys a regi blazer and sits at the end of the bar on a sandbag telling tal tales.

    The difference being that walts are usually harmless, sackless gobsh1tes - not cold, calculating killers.

    FUKC ! have i just defended walts??? :x
  6. We better watch it now then with the walt threads in the Naafi bar...