A movei based on SH1T

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jonwilly, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Clive Owen, who will star with Jason Statham in The Killer Elite, a thriller based on Ranulph Fiennes's novel The Feathermen. The story, to be filmed in Australia, involves ex-SAS officers and vigilante killers.


    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
  2. So it's going to be a true life re-enactment then?
  3. Couldnt find the bit you are on about, there was a "new" bit about Diane, though, and a link to this:
    Ekranoplan "Lun" project 903
    Which is the biggest F**k off plane/boat thing I have seen. I recall seeing some footage of it in test some time ago, If I can be bothered I will have a search.
  4. Try this:
    Linky thing
    For some video of the thing on the move.
  5. That'll never fly with those stumpy lil' wings.....

    I take it back - it goes like feck....... even with those stumpy wings...

    Ekranoplan = Surface Plane...... just found it on YouTube...... awesome.

    Bit rusty though :D
  6. Wasn't there a film in the seventies called The Killer Elite (very) loosely based on a novel by Robert Rostand; mind you it was fairly crap too. Killer Elite is also the title of a non fiction book about US SF by Michael Smith of the Times. It's obviously a very popular form of words, can't people copyright these titles?
  7. Old Fart it is located down at the bottom of the Diana artical way down.
    Fiennes's novel has been castigated in a thread on arrse long time ago, a load of bare faced lies.
  8. Fiennes dissed some good soldiers in The Featherman book-some of whom were my friends.A disgrace that someone is planning a filmed version.Some of those mentioned must be turning in their graves.
  9. Look on the bright side; maybe they'll use the same locations as On The Beach. Or maybe the director will get stung on the face by a flying Irukanji.
  10. We live in hope :twisted:
  11. Nice of them to consult the families before deciding to make this film wasn't it?! Confess I'd heard rumours it was on the cards, but hoped it wouldn't get funding.
  12. James Caan and Robert Duvall and a load of Ninjas with a climax on the Ghost Fleet ISTR.