a motorcycle measuring device

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Joshua Slocum, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. My brother is going to learn to ride this year, so that he can come along on one my trips and suffer !!
    but being a large fella and not like me, he was worried about what would fit him
    hes as tall as a guardsman so most machines just look silly

    Motorcycle Ergonomics
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  2. no problems, only solutions....

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  3. Theres a fella round here with a sense of humour, he has a monkey bike and a really good monkey/gorilla costume
    occasionally he belts round the ring road upsetting people, then vanishes
    it makes kids laugh though
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  4. a honda valadero 125 or a suzuki van van 125 , honda is the talest , suzi is a good allrounder
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  5. He ought to go DAS take a short course on whatever he's given then if he's lanky take him to see some big pseudo trail toys.
    Bear in mind that he may ABSOLUTELY HATE riding once he's tried it.
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  6. If you mean the Varadero 125, I don't think so, given the bro's description from @Joshua Slocum -the frame will be much too small.
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  7. DAS with a short course at a school would however save him buying a pos that he didn't like or fit him. It would also save him the annoyance of buying a pos that he didn't like and falling off it.
    You do fall off.

    KH100EX G5, 5'8', not for tall people.
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  8. Hes Going for a Moto Guzzi Stelvio, due to his advanced age he can do direct entry, he has had a car licence for 35 years at least
    Sorry I should have mentioned that
    but I am still better looking than him. although much much shorter ??
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  9. That's a good find mate, very useful, thanks.

    Had a play so this is me and my current machine, looks about right.

    ergonomics tiger 955i.jpg
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  10. I think a monkey bike came out best for me !!!
  11. It drops about an inch when loaded.

    img076 resized.jpg
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  12. nice ! which rally were you off to ?
  13. That would have been Yorkshire M.A.G. 'Into the Valley' last year.
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  14. If he,s that tall a proper enduro bike can be fun, I had an ex Gerient Jones KTM and it was that tall you got a nosebleed as you got on.
    The modern 4 stroke ones are probably a bit more practical though.( and lower with no twin shocks)
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