A more positive thread?

Right...no more negativity! What makes you proud of your country?

Come on lets put the Great back into Britain!

(if your not British, nevermind.....tell us about your country.)

I'll start......

THE BRITISH ARMY! [/size] ok that was easy!
ARRSE of course
The Irish Rugby Team

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride! :D

And all the filthy welsh slappers that want a bit of Irish matelot loving...
The reknowned negativity of the British Tom............
Everytime I look at the pink bits on an old map (Old Empire) my heart swells with pride I constantly bang on to my Yank wife about how we are great and the USA is very young and immature!!!
Being able to look down on every other country and shake my head sadly
Bluebelled woody glades that don't exist anywhere else in the world....
And er, beer, strong sense of justice, fairness, moderation and most of all humour. All the pride I think we feel just makes all the sh!t going wrong sting that more deeply. hmph.

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