A month in Vietnam


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Around Christmas. It is dirty work but the place wont clean itself up, will it?

Say 3 weeks at a decent beach then a week or so poodling about looking at cities and ruins and water buffaloes and that. It is the beach job that has me asking. Expedia is offering Six Senses Ninh Van Bay. £28k and I get my own rock pool it seems. Six senses is it? I have a seventh and it says **** off and die in a fire.

Decent room, shower and a vista. Dont need a pool or a spa or a massage or a ******* Tuk Tuk. A hire car would be nice but a moped will do.

Anybody been to Vietnam? Advice appreciated.
Didn't Hector Chavez do Vietnam (not literally, I believe he took his bird) last year??


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get a SAS tattoo and say you are researching your next action novel


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Been to Da Nang a couple of times.

Very nice people, they like the Brits a lot, maybe because we weren't involved in the war. They seem to get on with yanks OK but Brits seem to fascinate them.
Très friendly ladies from age jailbait to OAPs, government knocking shops will give you a safe environment for manfun.

Food is quite spectacular and very cheap. If you have anything with shrimp be aware that Vietnamese shrimps are the size of small lobsters.
Take US dollars, plenty of $1 and $5 notes can be very useful.
Every film ever made can be got from pirate shops for about $US10 for 5 or 10 disks depending how you haggle.
Despite placards all over the place it doesn't feel particularly communist over there, free enterprise seems to be the MO.

Plenty of fake Vietnam War memorabilia for sale including Zippo's with alleged bullet marks on them.

Lovely place, lovely people and tons of history. Cheaper than chips as well.

Word of warning : They have a wine in which a cobra is pickled. Don't ******* drink it, you will regret it.
Also, watch out for fake spirits in the markets, they look real and will probably kill you.


As Jarrod says EODmatt, would be the best person to ask.

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