A monkeys tale

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by SuperTrooper, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. Buying it right now SuperTrooper...sounds like it will be a scream, and look, there might even be more volumes!!!!
  2. lol, SuperTrooper like the avatar?
  3. Never even knew about this book! Super, care to do a quick review for us? Will buy it anyway, being of the monkey clan! OOOH OOHH AAH AAH!! :p
  4. Hurryupandwait...don't go and spoil the book thet, it sounds like a blast lol.

    "All bananas for one, and one banana for all!"

    P.S: love the smart name 'hurryupandwait'.
  5. Cheers, Gooey! Have just ordered the book from Amazon and look forward to reading it! :wink:
  6. Just got the book, a right laugh!
  7. Thought it a good enough tale but the purely monkey content is a bit thin. Could well be about a membver of almost any regt/corps.
  8. Agree with ORC, squaddie gets piss*ed, fights, has lots (according to the author) of sex, oh! and now and again, puts his uniform on and fights. Personally going by what I have read in the book, I think the author is a tw*t. Happily never served with him but have canvassed others who have and they all seem to agree. Kn*b of the highest order.

    Forgot to mention I intend to bring out my own book out in the near future, 22 years of every dodgy thing I could discover about the beloved corps, from the corps yacht in the early 80's, Edinburgh in the 90's (the infamous interview room), right up to the most recent shenannigans by OC's in germany. Always looking for more stories, confidentiality guarenteed (well your name won't get mentioned), you know the sort of thing, usually comes out at tea and toast. PM me if you have any. Cheers
  9. What's the famous interview room?
  10. What, like the RMP Lt Col who used every asset of a certain Pro Coy for the private wedding of a more senior RMP offr and officially recorded the whole
    thing as an exercise.

    Of course it was totally worthwhile, he (the Lt Col) got his prom out of it. Nice to know that all that effort by the lads never went to waste. :)

    P.S. Those who made up the honour guard are still waiting for their ED pay.
  11. Elvis the Interview Room. Haven't you heard of him. Fat lad, used to sing.