A monkey pops his cloggs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crash test, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. RIP Davy Jones
  2. RIP search button. ;)
  3. bastard... i thought it was another RMP! ahh well heres hoping!
  4. I too was almost in tears, fearing the demise of Western.

    Bit dusty in here.
  5. I wonder if they'll bury him at sea...
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Davy Jones came from Sunderland? Wow. I never knew that.
  7. Why is it important or relivant that this monkey popped his clogs? I don't understand.

    MiSoGr to all
  8. Fuck Zero-over aint dead?...what am i gonna do with these Tap shoes!!
  9. Is that why the Beeb says he was from Manchester?

    He was in Coronation Street before he was famous.
  10. like gen I thought we were rid, I mean i was concerned that Zero-Over had popped off his clogs.

    I suppose that this song sums up what Mr Jones did today though

    The Monkees - Take a Giant Step - YouTube

    Looking on the bright side there will be no more "farewell" tours by the Monkies any more.
    Oh dear, what a shame, boo hoo!
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  11. Why is it relEvant? Well apart from the fact that Mr. Jones was a member of a the foremost musical combo of his era, giving inspiration to the likes of Led Zep, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, it's not.

    Who can forget such classics as "Last train to Clarksville" and "Wake up sleepy Jean"? Not I unfortunately!

    MSG to each.
  12. Lucky he wasn't hanged. Hartlepool isn't far away.
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  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Do what? Have you been at the sherry already? Leaving aside the emerging Motown (founded in 1960) scene here is a list of bands that were playing when the Monkees were formed. You could argue that they were the first Boy Band since they were selected by a management team to appeal to girls who were already screaming and throwing their panties at this lot...

    1. The Beatles (too many to list)
    2. The Rolling Stones (Satisfaction)
    3. The Kinks (You Really Got me, All the day, All the night)
    4. The Zombies (She's Not There, Tell Her No)
    5. The Dave Clark 5 (Glad All Over, Bits and Pieces. Do You Love me)
    6. The Troggs (Wild Thing)
    7. The Supremes (Stop, in the Name of Love, Baby Love)
    8. The Yardbirds (Heart full of Soul)
    9. Spencer Davis Group (Gimme Some Lovin, I'm a Man)
    10. Dovovan
    11. The 4 Seasons (sherry)
    12. The Beach Boys (409, Fun, Fun, Fun and many more)
    13. Jan & Dean (Surf City, Little old lady from Pasadena)
    14. The Ronettes (main competitor to The Supremes)
    15. The Animals (Don't Bring Me down, House of the Rising Sun and more)
    16. Paul Revere and the Raiders
    17. Petula Clark (Downtown)
    18. Manfred Mann (Do Wah Diddy)
    19. The Hollies
    20. Herman's Hermits
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  15. I heard that the leader of the Monkeeys has died.

    RIP Nelson Mandella