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After the response I got in the previous forum I posted this in, I thought I'd try here.

I am a final year student and am writing my dissertation on the relationship between the forces and the media. I was wondering if you would be willing to take a moment to complete this quick survey? Any help would be much appreciated and please feel free to post the link on your Facebook or Twitter or email it around. The more responses the better.

Here is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WF5B7LW

Thanks in advance!
Well done for posting in the correct part forum as I proudly suggested!!

The media are generally cunts of the highest order. They show what they want to. Personally I might suggest finding the nearest RLC barracks, finding yourself a fat slapper, Cpl or above would be best, then lick her fat sweaty minge for about 30 secs, stop and gather info from her. Repeat until dissertation is completed.

Have you maybe thought of picking up a newspaper and seeing what papers write? If your studying media, you should be able to read between the lines to know what is really to a degree and what is twisted. Then find that Fat sweaty Cpl and lose your cherry.

Is this the first draft of the survey? Can you explain why you have BOTH rows and Columns labelled Yes and NO like in Q1 or Terrible etc etc in other Questions. Please go away and re-design the survey form.
Your survey does not work.

The boxes repeat themselves.

Typical journo wanker!
Shittest questionnaire ever! Im not even going to waste my time filling it in! ps get a haircut and a shave you gopping fat cunt.
Excuse me?

The survey has been edited.
By unlimited monkeys typing away on a keyboard? Or is this some kind of Mensa piss take, as my mum and dad can join, but my shite IQ of 139 is far too inferior for the likes of them. Confused the hell out of me, due to the two same questions, but only one answer.
Well I humoured you and filled it in.

Your research questions are dog shit though, they are vague, lack contextualisation and your focus seems to be vast.

Anyway, good luck with your quest and, if it was a wind-up and you just 'owned me', I really don't give a fuck.
How did you manage with the choices being given in BOTH rows AND Columns though?

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