A million British youths now on the dole.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Youth Unemployment in Britain stands now at 1Million.

    A truly shocking statistic, but even more shocking is that the current government blame the last government for this mess and the last government blame the Euro.

    So 1 Million Youths out of work and no government (red, yellow or blue) are prepared to accept any responsibility.

    Link ..... Youth unemployment hits 1 million | Business | guardian.co.uk
  2. Kill them all and we'll be quids in.
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  3. What's truly shocking is we're paying most of these lazy f**ks to sit on the dole while employers still have to employ immigrants to do the jobs full of themselves natives won't do.
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  4. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    The workshy lazy, lay about turds.

    Cut all benefit I bet all but the terminally crap will find work
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  5. Idle *****.
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  6. I will never ever ever claim job seekers, even when the company i worked for went bust and i couldnt pay heating bills etc i would sooner starve and freeze than be a leech on society,
  7. Before I joined up I actually died of starvation through lack of work and being too proud to go on the dole.

    I'm okay now though.
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  8. So every single 'yoof' is an idle ****? Agreed, there are plenty who are just lazy twats who live off mummy and daddy and won't get off their arse but there are many more who can't get work.

    I've applied for jobs to most businesses in my local area, and have had 3 interviews not including my current job. Most fob you off straight away, as many of you will know, some reply back with 'Thank you, but we are not currently recruiting blah blah blah' when they have an advert in the paper. Many trades demand experience and when you are unable to get a job to get experience how can you be expected to work the job demanding it? Vicious circle much?

    Employers can be picky at the moment and who are they going to choose, Mr Teenager with no experience/skills or someone who's had 20 years experience in several jobs? Its a no-brainer.

    The country's****ed, and it'll only get worse.
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  9. I know it sounds a bit violin'ish but i did :p and did it kill you to death?

    [edited to add starve that is not go on the dole]
  10. Bring back national service, or volunteer service.

    In Germany, (up until this year) you either did a year in the armed forces or a year volunteer service. Gave everyone work experience and helped improve their society. They are one of the few nations actually stable throughout this crap because their people have a logical work ethic.
  11. Bullshit.

    The dole is meant for people who are out of work and genuinely are looking for work, exactly the position in which you say you would NOT use it.

    I wouldn't live off it, but I'd let my pride take a dent by signing on if I needed to and it meant I'd live another week.
  12. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Bad idea, why should the forces deal with the chaff

  13. Is it porten Down where they test nasty things?... send em there!!
  14. Mickey D's is always hiring and no, I donlt want to go large with that.
  15. The problem is that (in agriculture at least) one Eastern European will do the job of three natives, assuming the natives can be bothered to turn up of course.

    One Worcestershire fruit and veg farmer I know of who decided to experiment with hiring from his local job centre discovered that he was effectively paying them to do nothing as the actual value of the piece-work (ie fruit picked/crates filled etc) his doley specials were doing was less than the minimum wage he was obliged to pay them, meanwhile the Romanians were earning at least twice the min-wage. Fortunately only three of the 24 originally sent out lasted more than a week and they turned out to be either a bit dim but good workers or had been sacked for no fault of their own.

    On the other hand I also know of a lad who gave up his own (admittedly self-employed) career to help out on the family small farm while his father recovered from serious illness who couldn't get a penny in help (either for himself or his parents) despite having an effective income of about £30/week.
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