A message to you poms

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by down_under, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. It's been almost a year of membership for me and I have had an amazing time. Lessons have been learnt and slinging has been received. I am glad I am a member of this site as it is without doubt one of the best around. I hope all members have a great xmas and new year wherever you may be in this world. Look after yourselves and stay safe and I look forward to logging on in the new year. :thumright: 8)
  2. Have a good one !

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  3. Cheers cobber! have a bonzer Chrissie :wink:
  4. no worries mate hope you get all you want from the boomer sleigh,
    PS, piss us all off now whats the weather like there
  5. Chuck another shrimp on the barby, and remember us in our snow and temps of -5.
  6. Temps by night are low 20's and by day a sweat inducing mid to high 30's. Should be a good day at the beach tomorrow. Mmmmmm bikini babes. 8)
  7. Same to you old chap?

    By the way, all your sentences did not end in a quesion mark? Clearly you are improving....?

  8. That truly is the curse of Neighbours?
  9. Mid to high 20's here tonight with 36 Celcius for Chrissy day, Thunderstorms in the afternoon (same as everyday for the next six months , then it cools down to mid teens at night and 30 in the day )

    2 1/2 hours til Chrissy .
  10. Merry Crimbo antipods everywhere
  11. Thats about the same for us here in blighty 20's at night and mid 30's during the day. Only thing is were talking farenheit
  12. Same to you Down Under and if you get anywhere near the Returned Services League in Bondi say hello for me.
  13. I am halfway between you temp at 35 midday 32 midnight.
    Have a good one to all