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A message to the advertising people...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Vegetius, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. ...your TA recruitment ads are sh1te. Either that, or the people you are now recruiting aren't the people I knew (and know) in the TA. Just seen the new officer ad (starring a dashing young sapper officer) on MTV (MTV!).

    1. The cast of Hollyoaks are not in the TA. Trust me.

    2. FFS we all know that TA personnel are going on a TELIC tour. Why oh why oh why do you insist on showing guys on ops in temperate "green" DPM all the time? Develop some balls, your focus groups aren't going to admit any support for Iraq in that situation.

    3. Why do poor old female officers always get cast as curt, clipped she-robots? The one doing the briefing is out of central casting. All she needed was some shoulder pads.

    4. "MORE PEPPER!"

    Not impressed. An honest, open ad campaign with maybe a bit of the humour that makes the British army the best in the world might do wonders for recruiting, not this masterclass in cliche and deception (although I realise that cliche and deception are meat and drink to admen).

    Where's Abacus? Can you sort some of these advertising tossers out or what?

  2. Dear ad people, no ****** wants to be a "Specialist Chef" , the chances of gliding are slim and even then when do we have the time. The older TA / army ads were much more nearer the mark , bring them back
  3. Disagree entirely. The current one with Challengers powering through a village and the Gazelles swooping overhead, gallant Officers directing an infantry assault?

    That's the warry, playing soldiers hook that will get anyone interested to make first contact. Certainly when I first pitched up, the Staff Sergeant first of all sat me in his office directly underneath a photo of him on TELIC and Iraq was the first thing mentioned.

    Anyone unaware that the TA are there is unlikely to apply anyway?

    As for Hollyoaks I cannot comment on anything other than my charming good looks :)

    Would you prefer the female Officer version you get in the TA DVD with the recruiting pack? Carefully packaged to be an Asian lady under the age of 25 to demonstrate the TA's inclusiveness. Hardly more representative so I prefer the neutral new ad version as a compromise.

    More pepper!

    Fairly accurate (apart from the gliding!) I would have thought? Again going back to my first night it was pretty much pushed to me that the options were chef, driver or driver rad-op although this may well be different in Infantry, Sigs etc though.

    I think the new Officer ad is miles better than the Flying Chef one! At least it is trying to draw people in with the promise of some action whether in DPM or Iraq. On a more recruit attractive level would you rather be cooking meals or blowing things up? (regardless of reality. The object is to get people through the door)

  4. Is that not the Scottish Soldier ad rather than a specific TA ad, or have I missed a bit when I've gone to make tea!!
  5. Nah, it's the new 'TA Officer' one mate. Only started a few days ago.

    The Scottish Soldier one was the one with the chap in the field with Warriors and Apaches kicking about, I think? Quote "I'm never alone"?

  6. Aye thats right, I'll get the quine to make the tea the next few days and keep an eye out for this!!
  7. Got to admit though (if you're a sapper), the 'get me an engineer' line is a little gucci, if not a little cliched.
  8. The jock squadiie one is dubbed - he's not actually saying 'look at the support arms, I'm never alone blah blah blah. He's actually saying:

    [sweatysockinese] 'See all they fucken REMFS? FUCKEN POOFTERS TEAPARTY MON! They waednae ken a fucken proper soldier if he ran up and fucken ARSERAPED them the fucken haemsex BASTARTS! And maest of them are fucken AENGLISH. FUCKEN CNuts! [/sweatysockinese]
  9. [quote="Mister_Angry
    [sweatysockinese] 'See all they fucken REMFS? FUCKEN POOFTERS TEAPARTY MON! They waednae ken a fucken proper soldier if he ran up and fucken ARSERAPED them the fucken haemsex BASTARTS! And maest of them are fucken AENGLISH. FUCKEN CNuts! [/sweatysockinese][/quote]

    :D :D :D c*nt :lol:
  10. Damn! Wool pulled over my eyes again! His accent seemed authentic but your dialogue is certainly more realistic sounding :-D (assuming aforementioned chap was Glaswegian)


    Nice one, Mr A.
  11. I hate so many of the TA adverts. I'm sure the reason so many people come in start training and then leave is because of adverts like that. They should show people being challenged. Here's my idea for an advert

    A load of squaddies at a piss up having a great time. (emphasis team work and social side as I think it is very important, not many people would stay with their unit if they hated the people)

    Cut to squaddies doing different things: firing different weapons, learning fibua, patrols, fieldcraft. (showing the things the TA do)

    Then cut to a squaddie in Iraq in a contact and have the voiceover: "Over the weekends I learn to perfect my skills so that if I ever go to war, my friends know they can count on me. (showing the training is actually used)

    Then the usual commitment information and how to join.

    Please feel free to tell me my idea is stupid but provide your own idea if you criticise mine.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Large breasted topless women firing automatic weapons would do it for me... provided they did actually subsequently provide some large breasted topless women firing automatic weapons to units.
  13. Dont blame all advertising personnel - its the creative agencies that come up with this shite - we just have to ensure it reaches the target audience.
  14. That 'MORE PEPPER' Ad actually does make me laff so I vote for that one to stay!