A message of Thanks

...to Cloggie and his family for going to the graves of the RAF chaps and laying poppies. The people I shown the photos too were chuffed to bits at what you did and you deserve the thanks of us British lot so I thought I'd mention it on here.

Well done mate.

Dank u Wel.
The Dutch as a nation are pretty good at this sort of thing I've noticed. Don,t the schoolchildren of Arnhem each adopt an allied grave and devote a lot of time to keeping it looking good?

Good effort
Perhaps certain people in the UK, I'm thinking of the student who last week urinated on a War Memorial and our great leader Broon who did not even bow his head out of respect should take note. But perhaps the Dutch people know how life would be if it was not for the bravery of the fallen who paid the ultimate price.
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