A member of the bar causes trouble

Does seem that this guy is being unfortunately mistaken (a number of times) for a pervert.

A high court judge cleared three years ago of flashing on a commuter train has been quizzed by police over a sex attack on the same route.
Sir Stephen Richards was arrested at his home by British Transport Police for the suspected offence last September and stepped down from the bench while he was investigated.
The alleged victim, a professional woman in her 30s, told officers that a grey-haired smartly-dressed man was rubbing himself against her in the train carriage and that she screamed out to tell him to stop.
An analysis of CCTV footage found the man standing next to her in the carriage and fitting the description was Sir Stephen, 59.
The eminent judge - styled Lord Justice Richards when sitting in the Court of Appeal - was cleared of two offences of indecent exposure on a commuter train three years ago.
Link "Is this Cockfosters?" -
"No, chances are it's Judge Stephen's"
Now he is seriously wierd.

But why does it need a (minimim) of two coppers to sort him out? He's not a racist as well is he?

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