A meeting to form a WG....out-of-Committee

I attended a meeting the other day to discuss the vexed problem of sanitation on our training areas. It appears that Trustees of some of the areas we use object to the deployment of the blue and white portaloos - spoils the countryside’s aesthetic beauty, apparently. As I sat there listening to the various alternatives being discussed, such as cr*pping into black bags to constructing "long drops", it got me wondering how many other people are sitting/have sat through similar irrelevant meetings. As for me, why was I there? someone had to and sh*t happens (cus pun). The outcome? the meeting decided to form a WG to look into the problem (again, cus the pun).

I guess the exam question is "what is the most bizarre/irrelevant meeting people have attended (EO presentations etc omitted)"?

PS Just for the record, I do appreciate that sanitation is not a "dirty word"
I've had a number along the same lines, SJ. But they all have the same thing in common: civvies in charge.

A TA colleague once sat in on a departmental O Group and was left stunned by the number of tasks assigned and decisions made in the 40 minutes meeting, explaining - as we had a convivial coffee afterwards - that in his organization (local council civil service) it would have taken all day to tackle just one issue.

The trend is always a result of attendees being afraid of being held responsible for something.

I have had the misfortune of attending a few security confrences at a regional Bde. The civvie who chaired it was the most anally retentive, jumped up, self-worshipping git I have every heard talk for an hour about an issue that could have been been solved in five minutes.

Have also had the dubious pleasure of working with local coucils sorting out parades, etc. They all had an opinion and all felt it critical that their voice was heard. Waste of bloody time. Only went the once and left the RSM to deal with it. He set about intimidating them and eventually got his own was.
A few years ago the Small Minded PC Ones came up with the Training and Resposibility for Envirnomental Stewardship (yep TREES).I had the misfortune of attending this training which encompassed everything from portaloos, to mandatory drip pans under vehicles,and how to cr*p in a bag. The sandle wearing, pot smoking, tree hugging, gnomes loved the fact that the Canadian Forces were taking responsibility for the environment.

The manuals and course were a sure cure for sleeplessness.

"I'm sorry that we blew up Bambi and Thumper in the training range, but you will notice that there is no Squaddie poop in the bushes"

"Corporal, I know that we are being fcking shelled, but get a *&&%$^$#@ drip pan under that veh!

Pure nonsense
I attended a meeting at the Cabinet Office about response to major emergencies. It was chaired by a civil servant who went on about how urgent it all was, and the need to make progress. Ultimately all that was achieved after four excruciating hours was a decision to meet again in 6 months to talk about it all again. The worst bit was some gwar cretin from the Welsh Office, whose contribution was particularly tedious and irrelevant (all about the need for for the Welsh to be 'engaged', though disappointingly not with weapons).

Then there was the meeting about RAMP (preparedness for receiving cas from Op Telic), at which a retired General wrested control from the civvie chairman and proceeded to run the meeting like an O Gp, which was far better!
SpeckledJim said:
PS Just for the record, I do appreciate that sanitation is not a "dirty word"
Crevice is a dirty word, positively filthy...baah!

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