A Mechs & B Mechs

Discussion in 'REME' started by AsterixTG, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. I was trained as what I think was classified as a U (universal) Mechanic when I was in. We were trained on everything - went through Bordon in 1990.

    I know there were split roles before - when did it revert back after?
  2. Don't know, but I initially trained as a B Mech, then did a " VMU conversion" course in 91, and was still posted as a VMB thereafter....good job I didn't waste my time then!
  3. 97-99.
  4. Ok - thanks.
  5. NP.
  6. When they realised you betty mech poofs needed sit down toilets they decided to split the trades again in case someone expected you squatters to do a mans work!
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  7. Nice one Tiff, any more pearls of wisdom?

    Perhaps you have an interesting tale about an Armourer, wanking over porn in the back of a machy wagon.
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  8. They're all lies I tell you!!
  9. Over the last few month there has been a return to universal mech
  10. Wanking over Warhammer figures more like .............. fekking bellringers ;-)
  11. I think all the warhammer freaks went tiffy, us artisan armourers followed the righteous path of porn and all things of a gimp nature. :)
  12. Just ammended that for you Shortarms
  13. For eff's sake Iron,

    A thread about AMech vs BMech running for almost a week before you pipe up.
    I thought you'd passed on and gone to heaven.
  14. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone but I did a basic VMB course saw the light and went A mech but did a U Mech Class 1 course in 93................so a little sat on the fence...........at least im not a deviant Wretched Mech or Gayboy Armorer though :)
  15. Iron, dont worry I was a squat to pish mech through my basic training, served with a CVR(T) Regt, went to the factory to do my class 1 as a squatter. The posted to the FRG H at 4 Armd Wksps where I became a crewman on an FRT. Eventually retraded in 82 by doing the Chieftain phase on a Tiffy course (as a LCpl) at the factory. From there on in the rest is history.