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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Markintime, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. I put forward on the Gurkha thread the suggestion that we try to get all attendees, at the 2009 Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph, to about face and turn their back on the Prime Minister (or his representative if he is absent) as he goes to lay his wreath.
    The advantage of doing this will be that the press and TV will be present to record this very dignified protest and should ensure maximum coverage and show how we all feel about this Government's decision to refuse justice to our brother soldiers in the Gurkhas once again.
    My personal opinion is that those who died in conflict and whom we are there to honour would agree with our actions were they able to say so. I feel that we honour their memory best by ensuring that this scurrilous breech of faith is protested in a manner which befits the quiet dignity and honour that each and every Gurkha soldier has brought to his service in the British Army.

    Please feel free to add your own thoughts and comments.

    Thank you
  2. NO!NO!NO!

    Unlike New Labour we still hold some things sacred.

    rememberance is not for politics
  3. Rememberance Sunday is for just that.
    Gordon Brown is a complete and utter cnut but not even he should be allowed to have any effect on that.

    If you decide to shoot the b@stard then you have my complete and unreserved support, hell I'd even help carry your gear and buy you bbeer afterwards.
    But Rememberance Sunday should have nothing do to with politics and the scum who are politicians.
  4. While I agree...... are we not turning our back on the honoured dead.....this should transcend politics......but I agree something should be done.....personally a silent vigil by every war memorial 24/7 would be an interesting concept (I am of to a sandy place so will not be able to do so for six months)...just my two penny worth...
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Agreed - we are their to honour our dead, not protest against a 5 minute failure.
  6. I agree that politics shouldn't come into it but I am also aware that thousands of those we are honouring are Gurkhas. To have Brown laying a wreath in their memory after betraying them and deliberately flouting the law to do it is an insult to the very dead we are there to honour. By not protesting his presence then, I believe, we fail the very dead we are there to honour and we disrespect what they laid their lives down for.
  7. You were also told on that thread, the idea is bonk in Spades, so I'm unsure why you open another thread I'm going to heave into the Arrsehole, because that is all it deserves.

    It's a crap idea and totally disrespectful to our fallen.

    A move such as this, in this the most sacred of memorials to our fallen, is unacceptable and beyond the Pale. I know exactly how the pro-Government media , and indeed outraged Veterans will react.

    The very people you think you are helping, would be totally appalled by this.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A bone idea and we should, rightly be above politics when it comes to remembering the fallen.

    At another venue it may have legs, but not on 11/11.
  9. Shocking - are you for real!!!!!
  10. Surely rememberance day is about those lost not about politics this idea is horrid and would defile the day.
  11. I agree with RustyH.
  12. Let's deal in facts shall we?

    This is a suggestion to see how people feel, why put on here? Well there were a lot in favour on the Gurkha thread with notably CQMS and Spike against. I put it here so a clearer picture could be found.
    I personally feel that allowing Brown to lay a wreath to the 45,000 Gurkha dead, included in the fallen, is unacceptable and beyond the pale.
    It was a suggestion, I was interested to know how people felt. I am quite happy that people are against it, I thought it a good idea, I weighed up the angles and I, myself believe that such an action would not be disrespectful, if the majority do feel it would be disrespectful then I am quite happy to accept that majority decision.
    No big deal PTP, put it in the ARRSEHOLE if free speech offends you that much, if offence has been caused then my apologies, none was meant.
  13. As referred to on the Gurkha thread mate, I feel you'd be playing into Cyclops's hands - lets take the moral highground and use an alternative.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    However,a lot can happen in 8 month's,we should concentrate on spreading the word as far as we can & assisting JL,Howe & Co & Johnny Gurkha in any way we can in order to make them realise their error.
  15. OK, here's a (hopefully) less contentious suggestion.

    There are plenty of media types on here, what about making a video of say Keiren's words as posted today against a backdrop of Gurkhas in action with a backing track of the white cliffs or some such song. It could either be posted on U Tube or, better still, made as a commercial download so that it could possibly be in the download charts. Getting in the charts would bring enormous publicity and hopefully raise a lot of money for the fighting fund.
    I'm sure Dame Vera would let her soundtrack be used and there must be plenty of library pictures of the Gurkhas in action without having to go to the MoD.

    I have my flak jacket on and am standing by.