A Meal Out

A couple go out for a Chinese meal. They decide to order the Special Chicken Surprise and are intrigued when the waiter arrives at their table with a large pot, complete with lid, and then leaves without a word.

As the man looks around to see if the waiter is coming back the woman sees the lid of the pot rise up and two beady little eyes stare at her. She squeals and the lid closes.

"Did you see that?" she asks.

"See what?"

"Look! There it is again!"

Once more the lid rises and the beady little eyes peer out.

The man shouts for the waiter. "What the hell is going on?" He demands. "What the hell is this you've given us?"

"Oh, is not wha' you order?" asks the waiter.

"We ordered the Special Chicken Surprise," says the woman.

"Oh, I so sorry, I make mistake with you order: I bring you Peeking Duck!"

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