A mates distinctive car stolen in bristol

Hope this is not overstepping boundaries on here but i thought the more eyes to spot this thing the better.

A mechanic i know has had a car he races stolen from his garage in Bristol.

The car has been spotted several times still in the area same livery and no plates.

Heres a pic... like the title says its pretty distinctive. any info please call the police or first choice mechanics on 0117 9413232

Shurley shum mishtake!
The old bill will be pulling out all the stops?
old bill are about the only people in the area who havent seen the damn thing.
Exactly, too busy eating donuts and sticking law abiding citizens on for swearing.
it was stolen on christmas eve. police have been round to take a statement. He was told that the fingerprints guys would be round 'after christmas' and to my knowledge have not been round yet.

The guys ex wife actually saw the car and tried to tail it but had their kids in the car so didnt want to risk following it at the speed it was being driven and so lost it.

its been seen several times being razzed round something stupid so it'll be screwed by the time he gets it back IF he gets it back.
More than likely playing some cracking wurzels out the stereo - beats that chav music. with a gurt big stick I'll knock im down, blackbird - I'll ave eeee
It'll be torched as soon as the tank runs dry. That's the drill 'round this neck of the woods anyhow. It is a bit of a chav magnet when all's said.

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