A mate of mine...

I've noticed an increasing trend in this august Forum for people to start a story with the words 'A mate of mine...' or some variation.

Man up you lightweight mincers. We all know that any post beginning with this split-arse get-out clause is either bollocks, or it actually happened to you and you're a tiny bit ashamed. It's all a sign of an increasingly weak-chinned approach to life.

Personally, I'm proud of the times I've got so drunk that I woke up in a bare hotel room in an unknown city with a phone number, the name 'Steve' and some kisses written on my naked chest in lipstick.

Get over yourselves...

So your saying I don't have to pretend that it was my mate who got thrown out of his partner's house after having been caught in the kitchen with his finger up the cat's arrse?

That's a relief...
I've got a mate called Steve, but he doesn't wear lipstick, so I doubt its him you slept with.

Have you tried ringing the number? Remember to reverse the digits if reading your chest in the mirror or you'll call Evets.

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