A mate of mine died on Friday night


A good friend of mine in the REME died on Friday night on his way back from work.
I work out in Afghanistan as a civvy now & have not been able to get in touch with either his wife or his unit to find out further details or possible funeral dates.

I won't give much in the way details out on this page, only via PM, suffice to say; he was a SNCO based in the midlands, initials M.W.

Any help would be much appreciated




Best thing you can do is contact a snr REME cap badged offr in theatre and ask for your request to be passed onto the family's Visiting Offr.
Cheers EScotia,

I'm not knocking around with any Brits at the moment, so will have to perhaps try ringing around some mates back home.

Any chance someone can PM me the name as well as i know of a MW that i've not heard from in a while and he was from the midlands, and a stripey. Manc lad who loved his oasis songs so i hope it's not him. Thanks.
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